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At the Natural Professional, you’ll find support in developing your personal New Way of Working.
What’s the New WoW? It’s a methodology centered around YOU.

Life is Good when your actions are in alignment with the identity you envision for yourself.

Think: profound paradigm shift + simple practices.

Think: productivity + mindfulness.

Make decisions with clarity and ease, leverage your personal energy / creativity cycles, and bring forth what you truly desire.


Featured: The New WoW (Way of Working) DIY Retreat

The New WoW DIY Retreat
Struggle, chronic stress, and self-denial are not required flavors of your entrepreneurial gig.

Join this deep-dive DIY Retreat to get inspiration and practical tools from 10 successful (not to mention beautiful, kind, and awesome) women.

A Revolutionary Shift to make for 2016

A Revolutionary Shift to make for 2016

May you be immersed in good cheer, love and gratitude in this unique time of year! I know things can get a little edgy from your routines being disrupted, emotions that get stirred up, and the possibly unacknowledged pressures around jumping into the new year. Here are Natural Professional Headquarters, add to the mix that […]

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The New WoW Summit

The New WoW Announcement of the year!

I’ve got much heart-bursting excitement to share with you! I’ve been putting together a (free) virtual summit for the end of this year which I offer as a for you: an inspiring collection of interviews + practical tools to cultivate your capacity to act in alignment who you want to be in your biz and […]

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Your Resonance + Business… can we go there??

On this lovely Sunday morning. In an inspired writing session. A road-block was come upon. An obstacle that did not want me to pass. Being a lover of freedom. Resenting being told what to do. I asked. Nay, I demanded. “What’s in the way?” The voice of Reason declared: “You cannot talk about Resonance in […]

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Detaching from the time that deadens us

It’s my birthday and I’ve got a heart full o’Love! My desire is to connect with you in the sweet space beyond time and place, in the timeless knowing that we’re on this big, beautiful earth together, and every other hippy-dippy goodness that comes to mind. Cheesy? Sure! Why not? Let loose the melty mozzarella, […]

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Digital Sabbath P&P Guide

A Digital Sabbath may sound like a quirky experiment or maybe even a weird way to spend a day, but there’s more going on. What you’re really doing is training your mind. Instead of letting impulse dictate your actions, you’re consciously deciding where to place your attention. The ramifications of this skill building is huge […]

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