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Forum questions, take II

What would I do without the Lance Man? I mean, who else is going to tell me that my first round of forum questions, uh, in not so many words, kind of ate doo-doo. Too serious! Too daunting! Who’d want to jump in to that pile of snakes? Certainly not the Indiana Jones among you. […]

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How this book project is going to roll

We–we being the epic Lance Brown (long time manifestation agent for Project Simplify) and I (I’m Shawn Tuttle and my manifesto of sorts is here), got this NP (Natural Professional) site up and going in a flash to facilitate this year-long adventure. As the book’s outline stands today, there are three sections, with three chapters […]

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January – Committing to yourself

[Note: if you ended up here and don’t know what’s going on, read brief summary at “How this book project is going to roll“]. Context: i. How you spend your time defines your life. ii. Productivity is good, but not if you don’t care about what you are dedicating your time to iii. This is […]

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A brief history of the universe, as it relates to the book

“The Book” has been brewing for more than four years. I remember my first get-to-know-you conversation with my sweetie Mark (three years ago!) at Summerthyme’s Bakery. I told him I was working on a book about “letting it be easy”. Over the next several months, being the kind, supportive guy that he is, Mark would […]

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