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[13] The Big Decision Protocol

To bike through southern France or not to bike through southern France, that is one tough decision for this wanderlust-chica to make! Someone else doing the planning, award points in the mileage account… it’s a no-brainer, right? In this shorty episode, I share my process for making significant decisions. I call it my Big Decision […]

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Nancy Shanteau on the Authentic Success Podcast

[12] Nancy Shanteau and the Skills for Change Thought Cleanse

The Body-Mind connection is so fascinating! In this episode of the Authentic Success podcast, Nancy Shanteau, a Skills for Change Coach and Somatic Coach talks about a process she’s developed to deal with the thoughts that otherwise clutter up the mind and bring us down. Whether you think of these thoughts as from the inner […]

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Avoid the post-vacation blues

The Natural Professional knows that she has the most success, experiences the most enjoyment in her work, and provides the greatest service to the world when she stays in her power and presence. During a typical day, it’s pretty typical for things to not be typical — another way of saying: Shit Happens. Even when […]

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How to give yourself a break while working

Managing your personal energy takes many forms: physical, mental, spiritual. [06.05] In today’s Daily Dispatch, I talk a bit about the creative well that we spend down and refill — ebb and flow, the nature of life. And what better place to be than at the Pacific Ocean, source of constant waves. In Carmel, California […]

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