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[04] Molly Fisk: Caring for your art, your business, and yourself

Award-winning Molly Fisk has a unique insight into the journey as a creative entrepreneur. Her own entrepreneurial spirit has led her from sweater designer to banker, poet, teacher, radio commentator and now Skills for Change Life Coach. Listen in as she and host Shawn Tuttle talk about: marketing authenticity, building an online community, and setting […]

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What do your panties say about your goals?

For the last 3+ months, I’ve been subsisting on six pairs of panties. Three are travel-practical–they dry super quickly; two are light in color for under light colored clothes; and the sixth is the make-me-feel-like-a-woman pair. Why am I telling you about my, uh, undergarments? Because this base layer of clothing represents one of the […]

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homemade tortillas

Is Professionalism Boring You to Death?

Walking down the street this morning at approximately 8:07 a.m. I saw what looked suspiciously like a flying flour tortilla jet across the street about 10 yards ahead of me. Since I left town a week and a half ago for New York, this has apparently become a dangerous neighborhood. But a tortilla? You ask. […]

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country roads

The Era of Struggle is Over

(originally posted on the Project Simplify site) Are you ready for an entrepreneurial revolution that’s fueled by you expressing your beautifully authentic self? No more playing small. No more Should Gremlins cramping your style. No more waiting for your time to come–it’s here. In other words… Are you ready for the era of the Natural Professional? If you […]

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