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[07] Raising your energy: stop the drains first

Have you checked a lot of things off your ToDo list, but your guilt and frustration levels are in the red zone because you’re not getting around to your Creative Work? In this episode of the Authentic Success podcast, it’s just me and you, my friends. I introduce the idea of Energy Management and explain […]

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Are breath exercises helpful when freaking out?

If you’re in total Freak Out Mode, your mind is going to trick you into thinking that there’s no point to doing a breathing exercise. In a way, it’s right… exercise is a great way to get rid of excess stress hormones. But what if you’re on your way to an interview, a speaking gig, […]

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Manifest your Soul’s presence with Energy Management

In the last article, So long, Time Management. You’re history. I shared my dissatisfaction with the role of Time Management and how it’s high time to transcend to Energy Management. It’s not a “doing away with Time Management” as much as an evolution of it. The problem is that the ToDo List and Schedule have […]

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A Simple Tool to Stay True to You

Getting ready for the World Domination Summit in Portland includes strategizing on how to keep the peace (in myself). Using the Natural Professional Matrix, in this video I show you an easy-to-use tool to Keep the Peace (in yourself). While I’m talking about peace here, you can use it for purpose, passion and peace!

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