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Achieve Wonders in Your Business, Feel Confident, & Take Control of Your Workflow Using This New, Breakthrough, High-Performance Coaching Program

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Have you been in business for at least a few years, achieved some success, but no longer want to work so many hours?

At the end of the day, do you feel disappointed, more often than not, with how much you've gotten done...and what’s not getting done?

If so, then this program, The Walk Tall Organization Mastermind is for you.

It's an innovative, intimate, and transformative experience that's specifically-designed to help you:

  • Free yourself from constant "reaction mode"
  • Keep from missing personal, social, or family fun to finish up work
  • Stop missing opportunities buried in your over-flowing inbox
  • Eliminate your guilty, sick feeling that "you should be doing something else”
  • Avoid over-commitments, and letting clients and/or others down
  • And much more

It's a proven fact that successful people use special coaches to create the structure, support, accountability, skills, system, and habits necessary to take them to the next level.

The good news is that with The Walk Tall Organization Mastermind, you'll give yourself permission to hit the “pause button” just long enough to build a solid business foundation and get such a way that it allows you to:

  • Renew your confidence and ability to manage your time and energy
  • Work purposefully with easy project planning
  • Gain the mental freedom from doing relevant, high-priority tasks and projects

The Walk Tall Organization Mastermind

A 3-month group program
that helps you easily create
a solid and sustainable
by providing you. . .

  • A revolutionary organizational and energy management system
  • Control and confidence
  • Ability to end your workday at a decent time
  • More time to enjoy with your special someone or loved ones
  • Essential support
  • Accountability of other like-minded entrepreneurs
  • Critical skills and know-how
  • Techniques to prevent things from falling through the cracks
  • The pleasure of being in the moment, with purpose
  • A life defined by you, within realistic expectations

Before Shawn introduced me to a new way of working, I was in response-mode. If someone called or emailed, I’d work on their project, and I tended to avoid billing (which affected my cash flow).

Now I’m proactive, feel much more productive, and have more cash in the bank! Shawn helped me structure my schedule so that I know when everything will get done. Her services definitely pay for themselves.

Karin K
Landscape Architect

Before starting sessions with Shawn, I felt defeated at the end of the day, never getting as much done as I had hoped. Shawn taught me how to be mindful of my mental status for performing different tasks and introduced me to helpful tools that I use daily. Now I approach each day with a realistic plan that I can accomplish confidently.

Etsuko T
Multi-Cultural Relationship Coach

What I learned from Shawn was that my task was to design my work life so that it supports what is most important to me (family, i.e. taking care of parents and grandson). I am doing that–I am where I want to be, and, I know I have the skills to continue to be able to do this.

Takayo H

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1:1 one-hour integration session with Shawn***

Your ability to walk tall and experience greater success will naturally follow when you have a weekly prioritizing routine, a highly-useful To-do & Project Manager, a holistic scheduling strategy, and basic energy management tools to use daily.

With the "The Walk Tall Organization Mastermind," you'll get all of that, plus:

  • Weekly Review And Planning (RAP) Session (Mondays 10-11am PST)
  • Weekly Content + Q&A Session (Mondays: 11-12pm PST)
  • Private Facebook Group (For Support)
  • Full 24/7 Online Access To My Stunning Organization Training Program
  • Proposed Curriculum For Completing Your Training Modules
  • Direct Feedback On “Homework”

The program begins March 18th
And the first Group Session is on Monday, March 23rd

This is an innovative, new program based on my personal energy management methodology.

Not only does it support you in strengthening your business' foundation, you’ll also get a proven-system based on something entirely different from what everybody else does.

In fact, the other systems failed to work for you because they failed to factor in the most important thing: your well-being.

The Walk Tall Organization Mastermind is built around your personal well-being, and it provides you with a practical method for managing your business while simultaneously increasing your fulfillment and quality of life because it's based on...

  • Your unique strengths
  • Your personal rhythms
  • Your own vision for your business, and your life

This approach, with its practices and strategies will pave the way for you to feel confident, get on-track, and take control. In other words, you'll be "walking tall."

Digital Training Available Immediately

The digital training portion of The Walk Tall Organization Mastermind program is all available to you as soon as you enroll.

You'll have access to all 3 months of digital training modules, instantly. And there’s a lot of content!


Month One's Training Modules
Clear Your Mind

- Dial In Your To-do/Project Manager
- Establish RAP (Review And Planning) Session
- Easify Your Days With Daily Preview

Month Two's Training Modules
Setup Your Reference and Idea Storage

- Design Your Schedule
- Establish Supportive Routines

Month Three's Training Modules
Annihilate Email Agony

- Set Clear Intentions and Goals

***Sign up by Friday March 13th to get BONUS
1:1 one-hour integration session with Shawn***

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time will I invest each week?
With calls, modules, and implementation, you can expect to spend between 3 to 5 hours per week.

When does the program end?
The 3-month program will conclude on June 15th. For those with school-age kids, you might want to plan on getting support in transitioning to the summer season.


How many people will be in the group?
The group is limited to only 10 awesome individuals.

What if I can’t make the Monday calls?
Each call will be recorded and made available within a day.

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About Your Coach

Since 2006, I’ve been in the Productivity and Organization Business.

From specializing in home offices to facilitating organization and productivity workshops...all based on my unique and proven methodology. I’ve worked with many business owners.

And after eight years, the following question persisted: "Seeing as there is a ton of organization books, articles, tools and systems out there, why are so many people being held back by disorganization?!"

And the answer is that most attempts at organization and increased productivity fail because they aren’t deep enough and they are merely focus on the tools and systems.

The reality, however, is that unless you believe that by taking action for something like “getting organized” is inherently relevant to you, your experience, or something you care greatly about, it will never rise high enough in priority to deserve your time and attention.

Besides, the issue isn’t really about getting organized - this is also where a lot of people miss the boat. The real issue is the fact that you are a creative being adding value to the world through self-expression. ANY form of organization must support that. Period. And that's why I created The Walk Tall Organization Mastermind.

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