Calm. Clear. Confident.

Discover your natural way of being in biz

Let it be easy.

How do you do it all?

Do you think that struggle, chronic stress, and self-denial are required features of the entrepreneurial journey?

Hint: They're not.

Not only do they suck the fun out of your life, they are detrimental to the Good Work you are here to do because they keep you in reaction mode and crowd out your creativity.

Imagine being productive without stressing out.
Imagine increasing your capacity for world changing work without burning out.
Imagine becoming who you truly want to be in business.

In other words... Less struggle. More soul.

That’s what I call the New Way of Working.

Find out from 10 heart-based, rockin’ entrepreneurs. I hand-picked these women* for their capacity to create impressive volumes of impactful, original work - all without wearing themselves out or compromising their values.

Get all the practical inspiration and actionable tools you need in this DIY retreat, ready for you to explore and apply at your own pace.

“I'm thoroughly enjoying (the interviews)! Great guests, great discussion. Love how you orient to the big picture in the beginning and wrap up and give assignments at the end, too.” - Participant

“Thank you!  Loved your calm, yet passionate voice/interview with Liz.  Also loved the intro and 'closing thoughts’ and the little 'project’.” - Participant

“What a powerful interviewer the Natural Professional’s Shawn Tuttle is. I hope this inspires you to approach the new year in a way that feels true and right to you.”

Are you in?


Find out how she does it...

Bari Tessler

Financial Therapist, Mama-preneur and
Founder of The Art of Money

Beth Buelow, ACC

Founder, The Introvert Entrepreneur

Betsy Talbot

Author & Podcaster

Jamie Ridler MA CPCC

Director of Jamie Ridler Studios

Lisa Schrader

Founder of

Liz Lamoreux

Author and Ambassador of Worthiness

Margaret Nichols

spiritual teacher + founder, Urban Oneness

Randi Buckley

Teacher, writer, coach for women

Shawn Fink

Founder of The Abundant Mama Project.

Tara Gentile

Creator, Quiet Power Strategy™

Let it be easy.

Features and the Goods

*These interviews were originally featured in the New WoW Summit: Calm, Clear, Confident.

  • 10 Conversations with Insightful creative entrepreneurs that dive deep below the surface.
  • 10 Simple exercises directly supporting the subjects talked about.
  • Practical tools from each speaker.
  • Worksheets for organizing notes by subjects.
  • Suggested retreat format.

Let it be easy.

Your New WoW Guide,
Shawn Tuttle

I’m on a mission to help creative women realize the success they envision by integrating head and heart in their biz. In over 8 years of working with smart women full of integrity and dedicated to inspiring  projects, I’ve seen a common theme: working hard is tripping them up. They experience a level of stress and frustration that’s totally at odds with who they want to be in their biz, and they have no idea what to do differently.

I support them in hitting their stride with programs and tools at the intersection of productivity and mindfulness--all infused with the core principles of the New Way of Working. My inspiration for this summit was to offer a deep exploration of how successful soulpreneurs are applying these principles to bring forth their amazing work with calm and confidence--and how you can, too.

Discover your natural way of being in business.