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Schedule tip: Minimize hot spots in your week

Scenario: At the end of the day, you’re frustrated and wondering “What happened?? You had all of your appointments carefully entered on the calendar, there was plenty of “white space” for the other things you wanted to get done and none of them happened! Where’d all the time go?” What’s typically happening—besides dealing with high-priority […]

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Kick the Should Demon to the curb to free up mental space

Embarking upon a journey in the form of a road trip to Oregon, I had the honor of spending the weekend with 20 other women, entrepreneurs all. Inspiring. Revealing. Supportive. Feeling of belonging and connections. Hallelujah! Everything the solopreneur slogging it out on her own dreams of… Tara Gentile, who planned the weekend retreat, brilliantly […]

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Lost? 3 tips to help you find your Path

Today’s video is about those time when we just feel lost, like we’re dragging ourselves through a dark forest. Maybe our toast to jelly ratio is off. How can we get back to YES! and the path of motivation? You can watch the video here, or read the transcript below: Hello there, Natural Professionals. It’s […]

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