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Hello and welcome!

First things first, what is a Natural Professional?

It’s a term I created for people wanting to do business differently. It’s a way of being, of thinking, of living. It’s a Zen space.

It is the New Way of Working.

What we talk about here

We’re playing in the crossroads of productivity and mindfulness. You’ll get a variety of subjects all supporting liberation from your ToDo List while accomplishing more of your goals with calm and confidence.

You’ll learn strategies and practices to

  • Be subversive to stress by taking action to disrupt the cycle of overwhelm.
  • Reclaim the true meaning of productivity by reconnecting with your vision for your business and life.
  • Make your vision the focal point of your creativity.

Who this site intended for

Most of our tribe members are Creative women in business. This doesn’t necessarily mean a “creative” profession–we’ve got attorneys and real estate agents, too.

You want to do life your way with success on your terms.

You value authenticity. You want to know that you’re making a positive impact on the world. And you either secretly or blatantly agree that we should “Make love not war!” (stolen from a bumper sticker)

Want more?

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Who’s behind all this?

Shawn TuttleHere’s the official say so:
Shawn Tuttle is the Natural Professional. She’s climbed Half Dome at midnight and thrived (and survived!) Burning Man in the Nevada desert.

Drawing on her experiences as Chief Easify Officer of Project Simplify, Professional Organizer, Coach, Speaker, Yoga practitioner, and sauerkraut maker, she leads workshops, coaches clients (yay for Skype!), and creates multi-media tutorials that help creative women realize their vision with more calm and confidence.

She also produces and hosts the Authentic Success podcast with the intention of building business community steeped in heart-based values.

Based wherever her laptop is, currently in Oakland, California, she bicycle commutes to the office (i.e. co-working space), gets her Om on daily through yoga and meditation, and is always on the look out for interesting street art to photograph.


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