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Front cover of 50 Ways to Kick Ass without Kicking Your Own AssAt long last, the mini-book to make your simplifying journey even sweeter.

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If you’re anything like me, you want easy-to-read, quick-to-reference, and entertaining info at your fingertips. Throw in snappy, punchy, and to-the-point and Bingo! you’ve got 50 Ways to Kick Ass without Kicking Your Own Ass.

That’s right, 50 ways. We’re calling them KAWOs because “kick ass without kicking your own ass” is a trifle long.

Back cover of 50 Ways to Kick AssThe book is meant to remind you of what you already know but may have forgotten in the midst of daily craziness. It’s to elicit little shots of wisdom juice from your own depths. Short, sweet, then get on with your day.

Like the back cover says:

Get practical wisdom in tasty bites.

This fun mini-book provides practical ways for quick, on-the-spot inspiration to let it be easy. The “KAWOs” are short and sweet—leaving you plenty of space to make ’em your own.

Reading How to Kick Ass without Kicking Your Own AssIt’s not rocket science.
It’s not astrophysics.
It’s better than that.
It’s doable.
It’s accessible.
It’s about launching you to the life you’ve dreamt of living.


Here’s KAWO #11

Schedule cushion time before appointments

This could represent a big shift in how you view scheduling. Rather than “efficiency” being the sole determination regarding where to park an appointment, consider your well-being as well. If appointments represent focus time, then cushion time is give-your-mind-a-break time. Examples for 15 to 30 minute cushion time: snack time, a short walk to clear your head, a cup of tea, a few minutes to read, or a full-body relaxation.”

And did I mention ridiculously affordable? Only $9.95 (or less!) for insta-relief whenever you need it!
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Let it be easy!

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