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[11] Masterminds: Keeping your vision alive

TeamworkNo one gets to the point of living the life of their dreams alone. When I talk with other successful business owners, one common theme is support systems.

What does support mean? I’m not talking family and friends here, I mean focused business support that keeps you and your business on track, beyond accountability and into the juicy realms of vision and intention.

  • Have you ever lost focus in your business?
  • Do everyday tasks dominate your work flow to the point you lose track of the big picture?
  • Have you wondered how some entrepreneurs seem to know about everything, always trying something new?
  • Are there fellow biz owners from whom you would love to learn?

The reality of being an entrepreneur (and really, of just being a person), is that you need support. This can mean so many different things, from a paid coach or class to a casual chat with a friend.

Masterminds have become a bit of a trend in the entrepreneurial world. Yahoo! I’m wholly in favor of any support system that helps biz owners do more of what they (we!) do best.

In episode 11 of Authentic Success, I have a quick chat with fellow biz owner Stacey Marolf with We clicked at World Domination Summit this year and started a mastermind group with 2 other women.

Stacey and I have each been in other masterminds. We share our perspectives on them and also discuss other forms of support that keep our big picture intentions in sight and our businesses moving in the right direction.



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