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[12] Nancy Shanteau and the Skills for Change Thought Cleanse

Nancy Shanteau on the Authentic Success PodcastThe Body-Mind connection is so fascinating!

In this episode of the Authentic Success podcast, Nancy Shanteau, a Skills for Change Coach and Somatic Coach talks about a process she’s developed to deal with the thoughts that otherwise clutter up the mind and bring us down.

Whether you think of these thoughts as from the inner critic, the voice of judgement or just straight up shame or guilt, they wield an inordinate amount of power over you.

You’ll learn how

  • the simple technique to weed out self-sabotaging thoughts,
  • cleansing your thoughts leads to re-connecting with your wise-adult consciousness, and
  • to stop sleepwalking through your life with old thought-patterns.

I’ve been fascinated by the Mind-Body connection for years now as I’ve come to understand that the body gives us so much information–that we ignore–every day. As a result, we waste huge amounts of energy.

One of the biggest energy drains results from the cluttered mind. It’s not until you start paying attention to the quantity of inane thoughts that you begin to realize how much of a life-draining suck it is (sorry, ego, it’s true and I’m not going to pretend that it isn’t!)

Instead of analyzing which thoughts deserve to stay and which to go (which would 1) take a Huge amount of time, and 2) contribute to tons more thoughts!) Nancy tells us of her process that accesses the wisdom of the body to discern quickly.

She loves structure (a woman after my own heart!) and has created a systematic online program to lead people through her process, which results in tools that you can use on your own in the future.

Listeners get $50 discount off July program when you mention the Authentic Success podcast by June 27.



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