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A Revolutionary Shift to make for 2016

May you be immersed in good cheer, love and gratitude in this unique time of year!

I know things can get a little edgy from your routines being disrupted, emotions that get stirred up, and the possibly unacknowledged pressures around jumping into the new year.

Here are Natural Professional Headquarters, add to the mix that we’re wrapping up prep for the biggest thing I’ve done all year: producing a virtual Summit.

The Old Way: stress out. The New Way: get grounded.

There are a couple of scenarios for how this could play out, both of which are entirely possible. Call the first one symptomatic of the OLD way and, the second one of the NEW way.

  1. Get stressed out about how much there is to do. Feel heavy and resentful about how this is all going down. Get pissy with my family because I’ve got so much to do and it sucks not being able to be hang out and reconnect.
  2. Stay grounded and centered. Feel gratitude for the opportunity to do this project and for all the support I’ve received. Be happy with my family and clear on my work/non-work sessions so that I’m still spending daily quality time with them.

The “inputs” are the same. The situation is the same. The project and tasks to be done are the same.

What’s different? Perspective. Mindset. Attitude.

One reflects the way I want to experience life. The other does not.

You might challenge: “Sure, but: HOW do I do that? It’s not that easy to just say, I’m going to be all grounded and grateful. When stress comes on, I’m stressed. Period. What do I do differently than what I do now?

I totally get that. Stress has a sneaky way of creeping in, grabbing your hand, and dragging you downward. And I assure you, anxiety has been nipping at my heels for the last two months. Sometimes it succeeds in invading my space — I’m certainly not immune.

The difference, however, is that when it does weasel its way in, does it drag me five miles down the road of What-a-sucky-day?

Or, do I call on my tools and supports to stop that downward spiral a mere five blocks from home, and get back on track without too much hassle?

Let’s zoom in here and get even more practical: how exactly do you stop the downward spiral?

A 3-fold approach to shifting out of stress.

This morning, for example, found me feeling heavy and dejected at how much there was still to do. And…  this was stopped “5 blocks” from home and was transformed into calm and confidence by 10am.

How? Three things:

  1. support structure (weekly call with a fellow entrepreneur who is a huge moral supporter)
  2. a strong sense of what Home feels like (which becomes a reference state to return to)
  3. self-care practices (which left me with enough energy to stay in a good space)

This is what the New Way of Working is all about — a revolutionary shift from accepting stress and self-denial to shining awareness on your well-being. It’s so contrary to everything we’ve learned!!!

Think profound paradigm shift + simple practices that lead to:

  • Supporting your ability to be resilient.
  • Expanding your capacity for handling challenging situations.
  • Making decisions with clarity and ease, and
  • Bringing forth what you truly want

The New Way is about cultivating your ability to stay in your happy place.

For the more technically-oriented: it’s about cultivating your capacity to act in alignment with the identity you envision for yourself in life and biz, which presumably, is something akin to your happy place.

It’s not rocket science, and the shift is really pretty simple to understand. Practicing it is a bit more challenging because we’ve been entrenched for so long in thinking that work is, by necessity, hard.

Be supported in making the shift yourself.

The really good news is that you’re not on your own in figuring this out. Already, there is a whole league of creative entrepreneurs applying the New Way principles to build kick-ass businesses and cultivate the lives they actually want to be living.

Rather than tell you about them, I have invited ten of them to the New Wow Summit – and now I’d love to invite you.
It’s completely free to join.

This is truly the most important project I’ve brought forth this year. It’s big. It’s life changing.

The interviews are AWEsome. These 10 successful women share deep, honest insights into their own experiences, along with the specific tools, processes, and practices that enable them to stay on track and on purpose. Inspiration? Oh yes!  Fluff? Zero.

There’s also a handbook that will help you create your own, personalized guide for New WoW living for the new year.

It runs from Dec 28th – Jan 1st, and I especially designed it to fit into your end-of-year schedule.

If you’ve already signed up, thank you!
And won’t you share it with someone you think would appreciate it as well? The interviews will provide great fodder for conversation…

I promise that you will be happy that you shared the love and I can’t wait to see what you’ll bring forth in 2016!


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