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Adding MP3 to your iPhone

The iPhone, such a brilliant little piece of machinery… and it’s locked up in Apple’s proprietary processes. Grrrrr.

While you can download an MP3 emailed to you on your iPhone, you cannot save it to your Music app — which is where I suggest you put your audio files for easy access (at least until I have an app for these! =) woot!)

To get your MP3s to your iPhone, you need to transfer it via your iTunes program.

Here’s the step by step:

Step 1

Download the MP3 onto your computer that has iTunes installed + is connected to your iPhone.

Step 2

Take note of the downloaded file name and folder location on your desktop. It’s probably in your Downloads folder.

Step 3

In iTunes, under the File menu:
Windows: click “Add File to Library”
Mac: select “Add to Library”

Step 4

Navigate to the MP3 file you downloaded in Step 3, then click “Open.”

Step 5


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