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Chasing the roots to Sacred Home

Reach your roots deep into the earth,
pushing aside rocks,
breaking through hard clumps,
high-five the earthworms who say
‘Thanks!’ for forging a new way.

Keep going deeper.
Where are the roots going?
They seem to know
where they want to go.

They seek the Cave
of muted light, earthy smells
where the cauldron sets
and the bottles line the wall.
Magic and creativity fill the air.
Ahh, the Secret place, the Silent space
My Sacred Home.

The roots want to pop through
the ceiling of the cave,
just to hang out there
to witness the energy being conjured.
It’s their home, too.

They get super nourished here,
no chlorinated water
or Miracle-Gro here.
Just yummy,

Here there’s no more effort,
no need to try or push through.
Here you are loved
for simply being.
for your presence,
though don’t skip out on
your turn to cook.

Try not.
Be home.

It’s the easiest place to exist.

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