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Productivity and Energy Management

The reason we get hung up, confused, stressed out, overwhelmed and make poor decisions is that we’re looking at our workflow through the wrong lens.

The old way of thinking revolves around two subjects: getting organized and time management.

Getting organized and having a home for everything (and everything in its place) is important–and it’s only part of the equation as it doesn’t address the moving parts of your life.

Time Management misses the mark by ignoring the human part of the equation. “Managing time” doesn’t take you, your emotions, your way of working, or your energy levels into account.

What we need is a new way of working that honors You, wholistically. Not only should YOU be the central element that all of your organizing and systematizing efforts support, the very perspective through which you make decisions and set priorities must support YOU as well.

What I’ve learned in the past 8 years of simplifying and organizing is that this shift in perspective is
1. required, and
2. can become a part of your worldview quickly. It’s not some ridiculously complicated system.

The skills you’ll learn in this Energy Management Intensive will change the way you manage your life. You’ll experience less “work” and more of the 3 C’s:

Calm, Confidence, and Competence
for a Stellar 2015

More specifically, you’ll learn skills to

  • do the right stuff at the right time
  • conserve your energy and spend it wisely
  • know what you should be doing when
  • manage your schedule wholistically
  • align your expectations with the realities of your schedule

“I was TIRED of working haphazardly. My business was great, but scattered. I felt behind all the time and unable to focus on tasks until there was a looming deadline. My wake up call was missing out on potential clients and opportunities/sales.

I now feel on top of my game and have the confidence of knowing I can do this and it’s possible. My energy level is much better because I haven’t wasted so much from being stressed and unfocused.

– Walk Tall October 2013 participant

In October 2014, the Walk Tall Organization Mastermind begins. Is it for you? I’m offering a free class so you can find out.

In this teleclass, you’ll learn why traditional productivity advice doesn’t work, how to stop taking the blame, and what actually does work.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

• Compare/contrast popular systems and note what’s worth keeping.
• The four principles of organization that will change the game.
• You’ll do a real world, practical application of these principles to free up energy and give you peace of mind.
• Brief review of energy management methodology.
• Q&A

Note: this is a preview, not a sales, teleclass. The intention is for you to get the info you need to decide whether the Organization Mastermind is right for you.

Call participants will get principles and tips that will easify your work and greatly improve your relationship with productivity.

Work doesn’t have to be so hard.
You can do this.
I’m here to help.

Sept. 25th (Thursday), 10-11am PT

Sign up here. There’s no charge.

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