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Energy Management offer for Tara’s tribe

Greetings fellow 10Kers!

Are you spending as much time developing your business as you want to be? Making consistent progress on your Chief Initiative?

No? Just think how cool it would be to have:
More Zone of Genius, less busywork.
More enjoyment, less stress.
More ease, less struggle.

If these scenarios speak to you, then this offer may well be for you…

  • Do you hit the pillow at night frustrated that there wasn’t enough time for everything that you wanted to get done?
  • Is there so much competing for your attention that you find yourself shifting gears multiple times a day and still not getting your Creative or High-Impact work done?
  • Do you find yourself feeling guilt or regret for spending time doing one thing when you should’ve been working on something else?
  • Do you have a tough time transitioning between activities?

The reason we get hung up, confused, stressed out, overwhelmed and make poor decisions is that we’re looking at our workflow through the wrong lens.

The old way of thinking revolves around two subjects: getting organized and time management. Having a home for everything (and everything in its place) is important–and it’s only part of the equation as it doesn’t address the moving parts of your life.

Time Management misses the mark by ignoring the human part of the equation. “Managing time” doesn’t take you, your rhythms, your way of working, or your energy levels into account.

What you need is a new way of working that honors You, wholistically
. Not only should YOU be the central element that all of your organizing and systematizing efforts support, the very perspective through which you make decisions and set priorities must support your health, priorities and values as well.

What I’ve learned in the past 8 years of simplifying and organizing is that this shift in perspective is
1. required, and
2. can become a part of your worldview quickly. It’s not some ridiculously complicated system.

Energy Management is a system of tools and skills that take your mindset, habits, and intentions into account to create a more focused, less stressed, more productive YOU.

I’m developing an Energy Management Intensive to do just that–and I would love your help in refining it.

Here’s the deal. I want to work with three people individually to dial in this program:
6 Skype sessions, weekly, beginning in June

Just think, eight years of wholistic organization and simplification experience at your service.

The skills you’ll learn in these intensive, personalized sessions will change the way you manage your life. You’ll experience less “work” and more of the 3 C’s: Calm, Confidence, and Competence.

More specifically, you’ll learn tools, strategies, and skills to

  • do the right stuff at the right time
  • conserve your energy and spend it wisely
  • know what you should be doing when
  • manage your schedule wholistically
  • align your expectations with the realities of your schedule

In return, I’m asking for the following from you:

  • Permission to record the calls and use them for future iterations of the program. Your identity will remain anonymous if desired.
  • A testimonial (Based on your honest experience! I have full faith that you will be thrilled with the results.)

“I was TIRED of working haphazardly. My business was great, but scattered. I felt behind all the time and unable to focus on tasks until there was a looming deadline. My wake up call was missing out on potential clients and opportunities/sales.

I now feel on top of my game and have the confidence of knowing I can do this and it’s possible. My energy level is much better because I haven’t wasted so much from being stressed and unfocused.”

– Walk Tall Workshop October 2013 participant

Investment: Pay-what-you-want*
I’m experimenting with this Pay-what-you-want model. Once I consider the program “ready” and officially ready for launch, the 1:1 offering will likely be between $997 and $1197. (see below if you want to know why I’m using a “pay-what-you-want” model)

I’d like these slots to go to people in Tara’s 10K Feet program because you are doing amazing work and I want you to have even more success and more fun doing what you love than you already are experiencing.

If this is for you, then contact me with
subject: I want the Energy Management Intensive!
and the first three peeps will be on the way to less busywork and more high-impact, creative time. I’ll send you a link to Paypal to pay what you feel is right and then we’ll schedule.


*** *** *** *** ***

*Why Pay-what-you-want?

My purpose is to give more love to the world through business. I want to shake, rattle and roll the paradigms that have dug us into this hard world in which we find ourselves because I believe there is a glorious, delicious, realistic alternative.

I want to redefine work such that the new baseline is heart-based, full-integrity, mutually-helpful, life-affirming, co-creative and downright-joyous.

For me, this means sharing my skills and expertise.
I want to Serve. I want to help you.

I want to make this offer as awesome as it possibly can be. To do this I want to run through it with 3 people beginning this month.

If you believe this program, from what I’ve shared above, will help you become more of the person you long to be, then I want to remove any barrier from your saying “YES, let’s do it!”

I’m entrusting you with the role of determining what you feel this would be worth to you.

You know what you need right now.
You know what your means are.
You have a sense of how this program just might rock your world.

You don’t have to explain “Why” you chose the amount you chose–as long as you feel in integrity with it, then it’s perfect.

Let’s get scheduled!!

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