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Get Rid of Wishy-Washy Once and For All

Just declare that you are sick and tired of being wishy-washy, vanilla, indecisive.

Wouldn’t it be cool if that’s all there was to it? I’d say!

But it doesn’t work that way for most people, most of the time <— notice I leave a sliver of door open should you desire to straight up Prove Me Wrong?

Don’t get offended. I’m not saying you’re incapable of kicking that crap. I know you Rock.

I’m just saying I don’t want you to get discouraged if it doesn’t work out that quickly for you.

And if wishy-washy is your curse, then lighting a fire under your ass and Keeping it Lit may be something of an uphill battle for a spell.

Why bother if it’s something like work?

As if feeling kind of blaisé weren’t enough already?

I mean, wouldn’t you rather have a mysterious and slightly mischievous Secret Agent groovy mix as the soundtrack to your life rather than elevator Musak?

‘Nuf said.

Now there’s a minute possibility you may be wondering what in the world this has to do with the Natural Professional.

Well, geez, besides: EVERYTHING?!

Check it out: The natural professional lives aligned nay,
immersed in her core essence.

And just try arguing with me on this one: your core essence may be described in many ways, but wishy-washy is not one of them.

Feeling wishy-washy or indecisive is just an energetic pattern holding you in a suspended state of borderline paralysis. Break the pattern and you release yourself from suspension.

Deep down, you Know what you want. Doesn’t matter if you know why—in fact you probably don’t.

Indecision means that your soul is saying one thing and your head is saying something else. When they are aligned, You Know It.

On some level, you’re needing to be reminded that life is a big-fat-nutty game and it’s time to stop taking yourself so seriously. Time to get Lively. Spunky. Groovy. Whatever your dish is.

What you’re actually doing is disrupting the patterns that you fall into by default. You’re stirring up a little fire within. And then, letting that flame shine the light on reconnecting you with your soul and all its delicious desires.

The process is simple

  1. Notice pattern (i.e. that you are feeling wishy-washy).
  2. Do something different.

Noticing the pattern gets quicker the more you do it which is great because the faster you catch yourself, the easier it is to stop.

Just like quickly catching a leak in your little wood rowboat makes for much faster bailing out the water than if it’s been leaking like a fiend all night long. Same general principle.

You might even want to acknowledge out loud to yourself: Hey! I’m feeling wishy washy. Which is about as blatant a self-observation as you can make.

Doing something different can be tough because in the moment, you just ain’t feeling it. If you’re feeling wishy-washy, how can you feel anything but that?

Right there, ma’dear, is where you get to be creative. Remember, all you’re looking to do is change your energy.

Here are 4 ideas, but really, do whatever works for you.

  • Sing out loud—goofy, gawdy and crazy enough to make people think you should be checked in somewhere.
  • Jump around shaking every limb and body part you possibly can.
  • Blast your favorite music and boogie down like nobody’s business. It doesn’t matter that you aren’t  feeling it, doing it will start getting you to feel it. There are perfectly logical psychological reasons for this which I’m not going to get into right here, right now.
  • Plaster a big ole shit eating grin on your face and hold for at least five minutes.

You’ll notice that most (eh hem, ALL) of these involve some form of making a complete ass of yourself. Yah, well, what better way to shake it up than getting crazy?

Life Is Too Freaking Amazing to waste it feeling like a doofus—it just doesn’t jive with your soul!

OK, that’s it for now. Go forth and get wonky!

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