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Getting all Jedi in the Art of the Sweet Spot

3 tiny handblown glass bowls
I’ve just spent three days in the glass studio with my Beau who’s working on an art piece for Burningman.

It’s such a pleasure to experience a master at work—whatever the art. They make it look so easy and graceful–a reflection of upteen hours of practice and an enviable command of their mental terrain. A Jedi Knight of sorts.

In the midst of assisting his work, I got to do a little blowing as well (see them in the photo?) I wanted to make a tiny bowl with the intention of putting it on an altar. Yay for the organic aesthetic!

I’m still beginner enough that Beau talks me through the timing; and timing is critical in glass-blowing.

Too long in the furnace and the glass is a molten blob that’s almost impossible for the novice (i.e. me) to work with.

Not enough time in the furnace and you can’t blow or shape the glass to move it along its progress toward your desired shape.

This art of timing is all about being aware of the sweet spot–something my Beau in his Jedi glass blowing mastery has developed a second sense for. As a novice, I feel as if I’m trying to find the mythical land of El Dorado blind-folded.

Watching the beauty that my Beau creates in this sweet spot got me thinking about the art of living in the place I’ve been calling Home.

Just like for glass blowing, it takes practice to stay in your sweet spot through everything you experience though out the day, not to mention remembering to come back when you’ve wandered deep in to busy-ness mode.

And since the most effective practice for learning a new skill is in small bits on a regular basis (like 15 minutes a day) rather than big bits on an infrequent basis (like once a week for two hours) I thought t’would behoove to share an easy practice.

Naturally, I’m assuming you want to be in that deliciously wonderful space more, and agree that it’s a powerful and gracious place to live your life from!

Just for fun, let’s call this part of the officially sanctioned training program for Sweet Spot Living, part of the “better living through awareness“ campaign. (For the record, I just made all that up.)

Ready? Ok!

Get in a comfy position.

Take three deep breaths to settle in, giving your mind permission to passively observe your senses.

Then, with your attention lightly resting on your forehead, take a deep, relaxing inhale and then a full, releasing exhale.

Move your attention to your jaw for another deep, nourishing inhale followed by a full, releasing exhale.

Another breath cycle to your shoulders.

Another breath cycle to your spine.

Another breath cycle to your stomach.

Then invite a sweet, calm, luscious feeling to spread throughout your body. If you have difficulty feeling this lusciousness on the spot, recall a time or experience when you’ve felt it in the past.

Indulge for at least three full breath cycles.

Mmmm. Tastiness.

Something this short and easy could be an easy addition to your afternoon, on a daily basis, eh?

Remembering to return

Supporting my quest to remember this sweet spot is why I’m creating the altar–it’s a visual reminder to come back Home, to my sweet spot.

If you don’t think an altar is for you, I found this description recently that pointed out that an altar isn’t necessarily connected to any particular religious or spiritual belief system:

an altar is like a physical prayer; a reminder to return to a sense of sacredness that is the native home of your soul.

What else can you do besides set up an altar and do that simple breathing exercise to support returning to your sweet space? Here are three ideas:

  • You can do a grounding and gratitude ritual during your daily quiet time.
  • You can ask for privacy and indulge in a delicious bath with essential oils.
  • You can light candles and incense and ask for guidance from your guides and angels back to your sweet home space.

I’ll bet you’ve already got some practices or rituals that lead you back home. Have you been doing them lately?

If not, will you commit to doing one this week? How about next week?

And if you have been practicing regularly, will you commit to catching one situation today that threatens to pull you away? Call it out and watch it lose its potency. (Jedi Master mind training)

These are fun-practices intended to further develop awareness of your sweet home space. Push the pause button on your life. Delve into your yumminess. Let your inner senses nourish and delight you. Your job here is to enjoy mightily. Now that’s my kind of work!

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