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How to bring more love into a mundane work session.

Rooting in the heart

How to give
more love
to the world
through my work today?

An easy way to do this is to be in heart-space with people. In terms of work, that would be clients, contractors, etc.

But what if I don’t have any clients today? What if today (as the case may be) is dedicated to solo-work, i.e. creating the next workshop module?

Here’s what I’ll do: I’ll imagine one person who will benefit from the module. Not an imaginary person—I’ll call to mind someone who was in the last workshop.

I’ll imagine speaking and writing directly to her, as if she were right in front of me, across the table.

I’ll explain things as clearly as possible. I’ll help her see how this is going to make a difference in her experience. I’ll give the info in small, digestible chunks to make assimilation easier.

And I’ll keep a thread of awareness on my heart to keep tabs on how I feel as I do the work.

Feeling open and spacious? Great.
Feeling like I’m straining or frustrated? Recalibrate.

This is how I’ll infuse more love into my work and thus into the world today =)

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Image credit: Root in the Heart by Shawn

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