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Get on the group support train here. Our time together will be dedicated to organizing and prioritizing what you’ve been learning in the Walk Tall course.

This option has a catch — we need at least 3 people to enroll for sessions on Tuesdays 10-11:30am PST.

In this group format, you will:

  • identify and prioritize the systems that will most help you to achieve your organizing goals
  • create your own 6-month implementation map to stay focused on your goals
  • have some dialog with me to clarify your goals and challenges
  • do a more in-depth guided RAP session

$69 for 3 weeks.
Time: same as our Tuesday morning class time.
Deadline to sign up: Sunday night, Nov. 5

1 on 1

In this individualized format, you will

  • get personal evaluation in how you are using your tools (rather than just ask if you are using a tool, I can see how you are using it and help you use it more effectively)
  • get specific mindset prompts and suggestions for your situation — improving your daily mindset is the big goal of doing this work!
  • identify and address specific pain points/roadblocks
  • get help with prioritizing of information & implementation
  • get special discounted rate for class participants
  • customize an implementation strategy based around your goals and upcoming schedule
  • schedule a time that works for you

$197 for 3 weeks.
Time: we’ll put our schedules together
Deadline to sign up: Sunday night, Nov. 5


And here’s the place to say, Yes! I’d like the Email Support Series to help you annihilate email agony. (I do get the irony of this being an email based reminder series…) There’s no fee for this series.

 Email Support Series

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