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Intention Check-in

Sitting down at the computer unclear on WHY or WHAT you are there to do is pretty much going to result in one or more of the following:

  1. Screwing around with busywork and not getting anything of import done.
  2. Browsing through email that you’ve already looked at 5 times.
  3. Getting whisked into the compelling, utterly persuasive vortex of Facebook, Pinterest, or Youtube.
  4. Whipping out your credit card for some must-have blingy thingy. (Again!?)

All of which leave you feeling kinda shitty once the moment of immediate gratification fades into oblivion.

Don’t bother arguing with me on this. I’m speaking from A Lot of experience.

Where do you turn?

What do you refer to when deciding what to work on right now?

If you are a Creative who needs to be motivated in order to work on something that might be challenging, then you know that merely whipping open your ToDo Manager often doesn’t do the trick — lots of words devoid of priority, and all seeming out of context in the moment.

You may have figured out a way around this already. If so, please share!

For the last few years, I’ve sensed another way of determining what to work on in the moment. Intention is the Key. It’s combination of knowing what you’ve got on the horizon and checking in to Presence and the present.

Below is a method that I’ve developed and am experimenting with. I share it with you here to plant some seeds and to try if it speaks to you.

Note that in the context of energy management, this is an advanced technique.

  1. You’ve already reined in your scattered energy, for ex. you’ve got your foundation systems for managing your life in place,
  2. You are in touch with your Home & you have a process for returning there.
  3. You know WHY you’re working, for ex. you are motivated by your own Vision.

Invite the light of intention to all you create


The time to do this is when sitting down at the computer, before beginning to work on anything.
Come Home, get grounded. Then:


Check in with heart that is connected to all and ask:
what is right thing to do Now?

I am a node in the web of Belonging. May I co-create with the Powers of Goodness to realize and manifest that which is my Dharma. May I produce the Works that will shine like a beacon in the night, alerting those interested that there is safe harbor, nourishment, and empowerment here. That they may know that a friendly tribe welcomes them.

Now is right timing for:
– Inner house keeping
– Continuing the process of Creating: ______________________
– Something else: _____________________
– Self-care: ______________________

Clarify as needed for direction.


Check in with completion point (time or accomplishment).
Write it down. Clarify as needed. Can jot down future items to wrap up as desired. Use timer, can ask for check in time or wrap up time as well.

Ask for the effort required for completion point to be sustainable with being happy, healthy and whole. I recognize that I might not know what this will look like, or how it will come about in the bigger picture. My job is to listen.


Gratitude for the help.
Being aware that my Work is a co-creative effort, I ask for and express gratitude for help from the Devas and Guides interested in making this specific endeavor as perfect for its intended purpose as possible.

The info comes through me. My job is to listen, to be present and in my space of wisdom that I may participate wisely in the process.



Hop to with a smile.

Make it yours

This process is just ripe for you to customize for yourself. Some ideas:

  • Who/What do you check in with?
  • What prayer will put you in the right place for Listening in step #1?
  • What words resonate better for you?


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