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List of Lessons for Walk Tall (by Course)

The content in this program is arranged into Courses, then Modules, then Lessons.

Click on the Course title to go to that course, then click on the button: “Start the Course” to begin.

Here are the Courses now posted:

Course: Clear Your Mind

Module: Stop using your head as a storage space

  • The Deep Clean Mind Dump
  • Ongoing Capture
Course: Your Dashboard

Module: Selecting your ToDo Manager

  • Introduction to the Digital ToDo Manager
  • Comparing ToDo Managers (feature chart worksheet)
  • Demo: Asana
  • Demo: Things
  • Demo: Todoist
  • Demo: GQueues
  • Demo: ToodleDo

Module: Setting up your ToDo Manager

  • Projects vs Tasks
  • Tags (worksheet)
  • ToDo Manager Skills Quiz

Module: Calendar basics

  • Minimum Features of your Calendar
  • Good Practices for Calendar Use
  • Demo: Syncing Google Cal with your Mac Calendar
  • Demo: A brief tour of Google Cal
Course: Your RAP Session

Module: Steps of the RAP Session

  • Gather & Collect
  • Distribute & Organize
  • Get big picture: Goals, Intentions &Influences
  • Check in with your temporal landscape
    • Buffering
    • Self-supportive time containers & the Think Thru
  • Check in with your commitment landscape & Prioritize
  • Reality Check
  • RAPstar 1-pager (worksheet)

Module: Skill Building

  • Intro to Zapping (worksheet)
  • Single Next Actions SNAs
Course: Design Your Life

Module: Mindstates, Time Containers and Time Map

Module: Routines & Maintenance

Course: Your Reference System

Module: Your Digital Files

  • Making a File Map
  • Labeling and Naming Conventions
  • Demo: Freshening Up Current File Structure
  • Demo: Moving Files to New Structure
  • The Drastic Measure

Module: Evernote

  • Setting up Evernote
  • Getting Started with Evernote
  • Evernote organization ideas

Module: Reference staples

  • Passwords
  • Backing up
Course: Your Physical Office
  • Organize by Zones
  • The Famous Filing Tutorial
Course: Annihilate Email Agony
  • [01] Intro – Recalibrate for Success
  • [02] Zealous Zapping
  • [03] Email and your action system
  • [04] Minimize and Streamline
Course How To’s
  • Demo: How to copy and share Google Docs
  • Demo: Google Drive

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