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Jamie Ridler, MA CPCC

Director of Jamie Ridler Studios

Jamie RidlerWhat if joy and love could actually guide you in business? If that sounds like rose-colored glasses to you, get ready for Jamie Ridler to deliver some very real truths about those two concepts.

Joy and love are two of her guiding values in her work, and they have not just amplified the cozy upsides of being in business, they have also supported her through discomfort and challenges.

Naming just a few of those: saying “No” to the standard business model formula, staying grounded in her vision through the years it took for her business to take hold, and letting go of what doesn’t serve her anymore in a way that honors the evolution of her body of work.

Jamie shares…

  • Her daily practice for structuring her work, seeing how she spends her energy, and discovering what’s becoming the new gravity center for her business.
  • The inside perspective on what core beliefs support her in moving forward.
  • Detailed examples of her own decision-making process – start coaching tomorrow, or complete a 6-month program first? Create a signature program, or keep building new offers?
  • Insights into how her love of theater informs her process for creating and letting go in business (and you don’t need a theater background to be completely inspired and ready to apply those to your own biz!)




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Jamie Ridler - Discover Your Creative SelfDiscover Your Creative Self As we step into our work with our whole selves, I truly believe we can change the world. In that spirit, I have a special treat for you, one that will delight your creative soul: a magical meditation that will bring you face-to-face and heart-to-heart with your creative self!

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Jamie Ridler is a creative force! From her popular Creative Living with Jamie Podcast to her inspirational Behind the Scenes vlogs, from innovative workshops to inspirational blogging, Jamie helps others bring their creativity to life!

As founder of Jamie Ridler Studios, she has helped thousands of women around the world find the confidence and courage to discover and express their creative spirit, whether that means re-discovering their artistic self or bringing more of their creative capacity to their life and business. Jamie is a magic maker, a possibility awakener and a deep believer in dreams!

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