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Our community, our future

The Dichotomy

Community — part I

Life offers countless opportunities to expand into wholeness.

This fascinating cyclical journey from wondrous childhood to painful lessons in adulthood to wondrous awareness (hopefully a while before the end)—such a mysterious and perhaps perilous path.

Most of us can point to one, two or a few situations in our childhood that have provided the fodder for years of personal growth; learning how to accept, forgive and heal. Layer upon nuanced layer.

Hopefully we’ve been lucky enough to surround ourselves with a wonderful community of friends and family who accept us throughout our rocky path—what a gift! Community truly provides the wind beneath our wings.

For this I am immensely grateful for a community of people who have seen my potential and have interacted with me based on who they know me to be.

Community part II

This adult life of mine has been Full o’ Opportunities for acceptance, forgiveness and healing. The loudest demons have been faced and befriended, which has brought me to being…

Ready to Fulfill my Destiny (Drums! Gongs! Fireworks!)

Which of course is all about the Natural Professional.
Which of course brings me to yet another demon.
Which is identified as the self-exiled from community loner.

After some 30 years of feeling like a loner—queue The Changed-Schools-Mid-Year-in-4th-Grade Situation that triggered this arrested development (really, the things that can rock a kid’s world!)—I find myself wanting—desiring, knowing-it’s-part-of-my-calling—to cultivate a community of awesome, mutually-supportive natural professional peoples (aka you).

But then there’s my arrested-loner-self standing there on an empty dance floor looking around kinda dumbly wondering, “Where is everyone?”

Rather amusing, really. Until I see her confused, wanna-be-tough face and my heart swells in compassion for her.

Because she doesn’t really want to be slogging away all by herself, interacting with a few people here, a few people there. She wants to be part of something. Something big.

She believes herself to be all alone when in reality, her searching eyes don’t pierce the veil of darkness just beyond the spotlight which would reveal so so many fabulous peoples…

Which is a Good Thing ‘cuz I’m ready to Boogie and Get Groovy with y’alls!!

You may be wondering why I shared my little loner girl with you? A couple of reasons:

  1. to celebrate and acknowledge the fact that she’s about ready to join the ranks of personas that represent healed wounds, and
  2. because honestly, the aspect of cultivating community feels a bit awkward to me even though I know it’s precisely a role I want to play.

Which leads me to something I realized recently, something big. Paradigm-shifting big:
Novel idea, eh?

My job in the community is to hold the space for those of us dedicated to navigating the world differently.

Other people get to fulfill roles in building, creating and cultivating the community.

In other words, I’m ready for this to get bigger than me.

The Convergence

One month ago. Sensing that it was time to get bigger. Running into a friend on the street during Saturday morning Farmers Market. Hearing how she was interested in expanding her offerings. Hearing her desire to collaborate with others. Sensing my Inner CEO get all excited while advising me to play it cool while running wild with the possibility. Asking her to meet for coffee to share my vision and hear more about what she wanted to do. Going out on a limb. Getting a loan to hire her for a trial three-month period. One month in, knowing with certainty that this decision was a Game Changer of Epic Proportions.

Kathy Frey is lending her beautiful brain, expertise, creativity, experience, support, and good humor for marketing and strategy support. What a joy!

An established and successful artist, she has learned how to dip into her left and right brains as needed for whatever she’s doing. She’s easy to work with, has mucho integrity and is kind when sharing constructive feedback. Truly a dream addition to my efforts.

To go from solo-flyer to Team has provided an awesome reassurance and strengthening of foundation. I feel more able to throw my arms open wide to the world while at the same time rooting down deep to bring forth more of what I have to share.

There are so many layers to community. The micro-variety at home or in our business. The local-community that steps in to fill gaps as needed. The global-level that we are all a part of whether we see our impact or not.

Then there are the communities we choose to be a part of. Like the greater community of people dedicated to heart-based living. This is the pond I want to swim in. The spring I want to quench my thirst in. I trust ’tis yours as well.

Look out world. We are on a Mission to change the way people navigate their life and business. And we Know the world wants this. Is crying for it. Is fed up with the unsustainable M.O. that’s gotten us into the mess we’re in. We know because there are already so many efforts, projects, and people talking about it.

Alone I can offer a few workshops.
Together (all of us!) we can change the world.



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