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Get your space under control

  • Are you sick of the clutter in your office?
  • Are you tired of wasting time from being disorganized?

If yes, you’re in the right place!

The Mastering the 21st Century Workflow program will guide you in organizing your office and simplifying your workflow.

These two tutorials are designed to help you get in control. They both come with real-world video example + a downloadable workbook for your learning pleasure.

Organizing by Zones

This first module is all about reclaiming your desktop and immediate workspace. Find out what to put where and–just as importantly–WHY. Understanding the reasoning behind the placement makes customization for your space and situation super easy.
Video + workbook $15
[Walk Tall peeps: this is in the Course Your Physical Office]


Get a step-by-step process to revamp your paper filing system. Learn about naming conventions, which drawers to use for which subjects, and how to deal with the files you already have. Step-by-step… just the way we like it!
Video + workbook $15
[Walk Tall peeps: this is in the Course Your Physical Office]

Taking Care of You

The Deep Clean Mind Dump

The Deep Clean Practice gathers up all the “loose change” rattling around in your head and gets it all down in one place–perfect for tracking in your tools and systems. This weekly tune-up reduces distractions during your workday (and quite likely during your sleep, too!)

People who regularly use this tool boast about increased focus, better sleep and getting more accomplished. They haven’t said anything specifically about sex, but you know what can happen when the brain is free to relax in the knowing that important info is in a trusted system (i.e., remembering to print a brochure during foreplay is not helpful!)
eBook $5
[Walk Tall peeps: this is in the Course Clear Your Mind]

911 Remedy

Are you tired of the scramble, feeling behind the 8 ball, falling into bed and dreading getting up?

If you’re barely keeping your head above water while constantly being in Response Mode, then this Emergency Tutorial will serve as your life raft. It’s not your permanent solution, but it will get you back to solid ground so you can reassess your approach and set up sustainable habits moving forward so you don’t get swept out to sea again.

Plus, if you aren’t getting the restful sleep you need every night, check out the Insomniac’s Guide to Relaxing. These 2 ebooks make great companion pieces for turbulent times.
eBook $5

Insomniac’s Guide to Relaxing

Are you getting enough rest? Did you know that rest is the highest leverage thing you can do to increase your focus, decision-making skills, patience, good humor, sex life, and overall well-being?!

If you’re having a tough time getting to sleep at night, then we want to help. We’ve compiled a guide to our favorite, most trusted approaches to calming down the mind buzz so you can get rest.

This guide is a perfect companion to the 911 Remedy. Together, they hit the Reset Button so you can break the cycle of insanity. They will get you back to Calm so you can implement sustainable habits that lead to a happy, healthy YOU no matter what curveballs life throws your way.
eBook $5

There are more tutorials in the works as I type.

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