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Weekly RAP Session

**NOTE: Due to the wild and wonderful world of traveling, this service is on hold. Enter your info below if you want to hear about starting back up.**

Do you begin your week with high hopes of making a lot of progress and then feel lost by mid-week?

Check out this natural professional support service: A weekly Monday morning group call to help awesome people like you kick butt in the upcoming week.

Called the Weekly Review and Planning (RAP) Session (inspired by an important piece of David Allen’s Getting Things Done program, the Weekly Review), it helps you stay on top of your work in order to:

  • be on track with your goals,
  • be realistic about what you can do in the context of your schedule, and
  • get peace of mind knowing when important stuff will be taken care of.

In other words, you get less stress & more confidence resulting from being a lean, mean effective machine (that’d be a humanistic, organic, friendly machine, of course).

At the end of each call, you’ll have a prioritized ToDo list that you can immediately begin working off of.

What you can expect in the RAP (Review and Planning) Session:

I talk from my office and you mastermind in yours. I’ll lead you through reviewing your current projects, dialing in a useful ToDo List and comparing these to the reality of your schedule.

You’ll be able to ask questions over the phone or via online instant message in the webinar service.

  • every Monday morning at 9am Pacific Time
  • 45-minute duration
  • you can call in over the phone or listen over your computer’s speakers
  • contact me for a free preview session

This is the perfect solution for you to get affordable support for this activity that is both So Incredibly Important for your success and well-being and So Incredibly Easy to not do if I’m not there to prod you =)

It’s a monthly subscription of $59 per month. That’s under $15 per call, except when there are 5 Mondays and then you get one free! (By making this a group call, I can offer this for much lower than one-on-one session prices.)

Enter your digits if you want to be alerted to when the travel bug has subsided and the RAP Session is going to resume.


Truthfully, the Weekly Review Sessions has been my life saver!

January is a crazy month usually, and on top, I have a few new clients that need more attention. I have been able to keep up with work, and at the same time, I am learning a precious skill of time management. I was always bad with estimating time and I am getting better.
— Takayo H.

That was a lovely and valuable session this morning, thank you! I’m totally tuned in again to Things and my calendar, and it makes me feel very capable.
— Molly

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