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The DIY Basic RAP Session

Life is good, but I feel like I’m in chronic reaction mode, instead of proactive, under-control-mode and I want to change that!” Sound familiar?

My favorite part of what this client wrote was: “I want to change that!” Yes!

THIS is the perfect time to instigate the habits for confident and clear action.
Basic RAP Session
So what’s getting in the way? What I’ve come to understand is that:

  • Most people don’t have a regular planning process.
  • While you may understand the importance of planning, you don’t do it when you most need it.
  • Lack of planning leaves you scrambling last-mintue to prepare for appointments and deadlines.
  • All the scrambling and putting out fires keeps your from spending time on what’s of heart-importance.

This is totally avoidable! In the hopes of helping as many people as possible learn (and do!) a simple practice to help you realize your goals with calm and confidence, I’m creating a DIY version of the Basic RAP (Review and Planning) Session.

(This is a simplified version of the RAP Session that I teach folks in the Walk Tall program.)

Benefits of doing the RAP Session:

  • prevents hours and energy wasted on unimportant, irrelevant, avoidable stuff,
  • helps you stay on track with your high-priorities,
  • contributes to your calm and confidence,
  • puts you in control of your week,
  • becomes a practice you can use each week, and
  • provides worksheet to help you organize your thoughts.
How it works

The RAP Session is a weekly practice that will take you anywhere from 30-90 minutes to do. Sound like a lot? You’ll save a Lot more than that over the course of the week and will get more of you important work done. Brilliant trade off in my book.

Here’s what will happen:

  • You’ll watch the intro video.
  • You’ll review the handbook to understand the prompts.
  • Then, once a week, you’ll play the audio and do your RAP Session by following my prompts.
  • It’s a LISTEN and DO experience.
  • On a weekly basis or so, you’ll receive mini-lessons to expand on various aspects.

You’ll get:

  • Explanatory video/screencast.
  • Handbook (downloadable PDF) explaining all the prompts.
  • MP3 Audio leading you through all the RAP Session prompts.
  • Ongoing lessons and inspiration.

Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now.” – Alan Lakein

Ready to join me for some good times that will help you feel even more powerful and productive?

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