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Programs and products I use and recommend

Software Programs

Digital tools that I use and love immensely. They are the reason I’m able to be location independent.

  • Dropbox — a cloud drive
  • 1Password — a password manager
  • MindMeister mindmapping online program. [Note: on the pricing page, at the bottom: Basic FREE, Up to 3 mind maps.]
  • Things — a Mac-only ToDo Manager
  • Scrivener — for writers or anyone trying to figure out how in the heck to organize an otherwise unwieldy amount of content
  • Evernote — a note management app

Awesome Offerings by Amazing Peoples


  • 50 Ways to Kick Ass without Kicking Your Own Ass by Shawn Tuttle. This is a book of pearls, juicy nuggets, and helpful reminders that belongs in the hands of everyone. Yah!
  • The Willpower Instinct by Kelly McGonigal. For anyone who has been bewildered by their seeming inability to stick to their intentions, Kelly breaks it down with research, exercises and stories that make for an easy and enlightening read.

Disclaimer: Many of the links above to other people’s offerings are affiliate links. Instead of indicating which are and which aren’t, this is a blanket statement that all may be. Keep the love flowing around!

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