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The most powerful resource in your toolkit

Are you She? She who needs a breather from the pressing mess of too-much that you keep finding yourself in? Your intentions are spot on. It just gets so… tiring sometimes wading through it all, doesn’t it? Oh, my Dear, the world that opens up when you’ve got your units, widgets and digits in order! […]


More than muscle: essential benefits you get from exercise

Last week sucked—it was straight up emotionally rough. My August housing fell through after I’d completely packed up from the last place. Then, my bikes fell off my car. Two of them. On the highway. At 65 miles an hour. Now, I’m staying with my sister’s family in Los Altos. Talking with my bro-in-law yesterday […]


Say Goodbye to Self-Sabotage Demons

You are your own worst enemy. Which sucks because really, you should be your own best friend. You know you should be. And you are. Sometimes. Except when you’re not. Sometimes you even see it in action: the self-limiting thoughts that incessantly swarm in your head like mosquitos on a hot, humid evening driving you […]


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