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The Not-to-miss Annihilate Email Agony Course

email peace

Is email driving you nuts?

If you relate to these email experiences…

You’re sacrificing fun time or staying up late trying to stay afloat in email.

The sheer # count of emails in your Inbox make your heart skip a beat (or three).

You catch yourself wading through emails looking for important info as if digging for needles in a haystack.

then sign up for Annihilate Email Agony, a single-session course to attune your system, strategy and mindset to EASE.


  • Spend minimal time in your Inbox while knowing that nothing’s slipping through the cracks.
  • Know where to go to find the info you need when you need it.
  • Stop being demoralized by your Inbox.
  • Be free of email-induced guilt in your fun time.
  • Activate your Jedi Warrior mind skills to change the game.

“My daily life has much more room for fun, since you helped me simplify so many areas of my life. You have a gift for personalizing the process and making it happen so swiftly. It’s empowering!”
– Hilary Anderson

“Shawn knows how to get you organized.”
– James T. McConnaughay

Chief Easifier Shawn has been working with clients since 2006 to set up systems that transform the chaos of disorganization into empowerment.

The Natural Professional is teaming up with Sierra Commons, the uber-awesome business ignitor, to bring you this class.

When: Sept 12th, 6pm-8pm PT (one Thursday)

Location: Sierra Commons in Nevada City

Sign up for the course at Eventbrite.
Super affordable. Only $29.

“You are an excellent presenter: warm, articulate, calming, and interactive with the audience.”
– Vanessa Smith

“Shawn was clear and graceful–striking a good balance between “teaching” and supporting each of us. The group was interactive, thoughtful, and fun. All in all–a success!”
– P.M.

This class is about systems for your long haul enjoyment. It’s not a list of tips; it’s a wholistic system. If you are also needing an emergency remedy to get your inbox number under control, check out Email Triage.

Friends don’t let friends flounder in their inbox. Sign up with a buddy and you’ll have an insta-partner for support and accountability who will share your newfound ability to speak the language of email agony annihilation.

$29 to secure your spot now.

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