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Time to get Groovy!!

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Looking forward to my conversation with Colleen yesterday has transformed into gratitude for her pointed ability to cut the crap today. I requested an appointment to help unravel a knot I was feeling in the area of developing the Natural Professional identity. What a perfect conversation we had that got me pointed back to the actual problem at hand, which is: what’s the essence of the message?

At one point in the conversation I said, “I feel like there’s a pool I desperately want to dive in to, and instead I keep tip toeing around it.”

Dive, baby! Swim to the center of the Universe to explore the depths and nooks and crannies. Join the dancers celebrating the mysteries of the world, those partying and reveling in the joys of existence.

What I feel internally is my heart expanding, excited to have my truth so close to the surface. Buzzing with anticipation of joining the world-wide party of truth-tellers. My Inner Goddess is waking up from her eons-long nap and she is ready to get her Groove On! I hear the rumblings of her rebel yell welling up inside, almost ready to explode onto the scene.

So then, my dear, what is it? What do you want to say to the nice people reading this? Is she really a rebel? Absolutely. She rebels against the conventions of the Corporate world. Against the popular belief that there is Work, and then there is the rest of my Life. Against the notion that a Zen Master only exists over there on his meditation pillow. Against the dangerous conviction that I’ll work now and follow my dream later. Against the acceptance that life is hard, shit happens, and then we die. Against the willingness with which we hand our power over to another person, another’s belief system.

Your work: where you spend more of your waking hours than at home.
Your work: where you place the attention of so many of your brain cells.

Very simply, where you place your attention is what you manifest. Am I talking about avoiding work? No. I’m talking about radically shifting the very notion of the role work plays in your life. What you thought was the bane of your existence, may well be the key to the rich life you’ve dreamt of.

I don’t want to help you get organized for the sake of getting organized. I don’t want to help you simplify so that you can check out. I don’t want to help you get your work dialed in so you can just run off to the golf course.

I want you to feel a deep satisfaction of your life through the expression of your soul in an email about redecorating the conference room. I want you to paint a gorgeous painting on Tuesday night, step into it while you sleep, and then live your work of art on Wednesday. I want you to have brilliant ideas pop into your mind in the moments of calm while waiting for a meeting to begin. I want you to feel as a Zen Master deep in meditation while some confused shmuck tries in vain to suck you into their misery.

Your strength. Your passion. Your life.

My strength, my passion, my life, my work is all dropping sleeping beauty and waking up the radical spirit of the divine goddess of spicy living, the zen master of wild thought horses, the inner saint of generous sharing, the punk rocker of truth telling–all wrapped into one juicy and delicious being called You.

It’s time. It’s now.

2010 is the year of reclaiming and recreating.

All signs point to Yes.

Let’s get Groovy!!

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