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Wading thru files on your digital desktop? Spring Clean #2

Quick recap of the Spring Clean series:
Week 1 — physical office and mind
Week 2 — digital landscape (below)
Week 3 — physical, outside the office

Harmony of your space, your flow, your thoughts… really, this is what we are truly after when we talk about organization. It’s lack of harmony that pushes you to take action for change.

So… how’d the spring clean of your physical office space go last week? Hopefully well! If not, no worries. Do what you can and keep moving forward =) No tests around here. I just want you to be happy with your space in your time.

Next up is your digital world.

Below are two digital spaces that have likely accumulated digi-clutter during the quiet reclusive energy of winter.

First things first: Have you blocked off at least two 1-hour sessions in your calendar this week for these?

Your digital desktop

How do so many files accumulate on that little (or big!) screen??

Note that there are probably patterns for what kind of files end up on your digital desktop. Pay attention for these so that you can set up a good place for them so that it’s easy to file them in the future.

  • Delete unneeded files.
  • Move keepers to their appropriate folders.

TIP: Did you know that you can designate a “Downloads” folder for email or online downloads?

Downloads folder

Have you ever downloaded something and then couldn’t find it? Yah, ouch!

Regular maintenance of this folder will prevent major backlog and prevent excessive scrolling through last month’s downloads to find the one you need today.

  • Delete unneeded files.
  • Move keepers to their appropriate folders.

TIP: Rename files before moving them to something that is helpful and meaningful for you.

Walk Tall peeps: bonus points to clean up
your digital Todo Manager.
  • Review your Tag list — are there redundancies? Are they all active and helpful?
  • Review tagged tasks. Are they current?
  • Review your Someday projects folder. Periodically reviewing these is what gives you peace of mind when you move inactive or maybe-sometime-in-the-future projects to it. This keeps your Project list clean.
  • Clean up projects list organization.
    • Delete complete/cancelled projects.
    • Move inactive projects to Someday.
    • Make sure all projects in high-priority area are, in fact, high-priority.
Next Actions
  • Block out at least two 1-hour sessions for this week’s prompts (if you haven’t already).
  • Get the Checklist (sign up below if you don’t get the New Wow).
  • Stick with the suggested prompts — one at a time.

Remember, when beginning a session:

  • get clear on which task you’re going to do
  • close unnecessary programs
  • turn your phone to airplane mode
  • stay out of email
  • set a timer

The only accepted Facebook activity is to report at the Natural Professional page that you’re “going in” and will re-emerge in an hour =) (then let us know how it went!)

Let me know if you have questions or if you want kudos for progress at the Facebook page!

May you experience Harmony and Joy in all that you do!


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