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Task manager comparison

Here are four options for Task Managers that are all good programs by themselves–though they are not right for everyone.

I’ve put together a list of some PROs and CONs as well as a chart for comparison. They all have repeating tasks option. ToDo Manager comparison chart (a pdf)

If you haven’t decided on a Task Manager yet, let’s discuss in Open Office call tomorrow!

(Program names are links to their website.)



  • Love the Quick Add + auto fill feature no matter what program you are in.
  • Easy interface.
  • Has schedule function (out of the way until that date)


  • Not great if you work off of iPhone + get lots of tasks through email.
  • A little pricey.
  • No sub-tasks of tasks (not a big deal in my book)

In summary: This is what I use and I love it. I do most of the managing of my tasks on my Mac, and I do use the iPhone app as well. The biggest downside I see is that if you need to link to emails and you are mostly working from your iPhone, that particular combo doesn’t work.



  • Easy interface.
  • Can have sub-tasks.
  • You can duplicate Tasks + Sub-tasks (sort of like a Template)


  • The Google-centric focus could be an issue but the only real drawback I’ve seen thus far is that you can’t link to a non-Gmail email.

In summary: I’m trying out this program and so far, I’m really liking it. I’ve forwarded non-gmail emails to account and the full email showed up. I love that you can copy a set of Tasks + Subtasks. Free version is fairly robust. Paid version even more, for ex. set task alerts, deep integration with Gmail and Google Cal.

Remember the Milk


  • Has specific time estimate feature.
  • Free
  • Setup easily customized search/filters


  • Has a longer learning curve (geared more for left than right brainers).
  • Doesn’t show list of tags, but once you start typing, it displays the tags beginning with those letters.

In summary: This is a good program with lots of thoughtful features. I don’t love the interface and I really dislike that I can’t see a list of tags. I also don’t like how it displays your projects. Could be cleaner in my opinion. These are my bias so I’m not putting them in the “Cons”. Because of the easily customizable search/filters, you have to set up all your own basic ones. Not a biggie because you just do it once. Has apps for other programs like Evernote. Has Gmail add-on.



  • Can enter subtasks to a Task
  • Great for Teams
  • Free


  • Has a longer learning curve
  • I haven’t figured out how to serve up my tasks in all the ways I want to quickly be able to serve them up (which is the prime reason for using a program like this).

In summary: Users seem to love it.

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