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Productivity systems. Is it just you or do they all suck?

(new title w/o “suck”)

Spoiler alert: It’s not you.

David Allen’s Getting Things Done, Leo Babauta’s Zen to Done, the Pomodoro Technique, Asana, Basecamp, the list is endless…

You’ve tried them.
They didn’t work.
Their remnants are scattered around taunting you.

“Why can’t I do this? What’s wrong with me? I should be able to get this?!”

And yet. Talk of productivity is supposed to make life easier, not make you feel worse.

What’s the alternative?

A preview teleclass for the Walk Tall Organization Mastermind:
Traditional productivity advice doesn’t work.
Stop taking the blame and learn what does work.

Sept. 25th (Thursday), 10-11am PT

Sign up here. There’s no charge.

Sign up for the Walk Tall Sneak Peek Teleclass

Here’s what you’ll get:
• Compare and contrast of the systems.
• The four principles of organization that will change the game.
• You’ll do a real world, practical application of these principles to free up energy and give you peace of mind.
• Brief review of energy management methodology
• Q&A

Note: this is a preview, not a sales, teleclass. The intention is for you to get the info you need to decide whether the Organization Mastermind is right for you.

Work doesn’t have to be so hard.
You can do this.
I’m here to help.

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