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Welcome! (& first assignment)

Welcome! I’m so glad you’re here!

I’ve recorded a welcome video for you and below that is your assignment for the week =)

Your assignment for this week

Note that you don’t have to do them in order. I DO however, suggest you just take one and a time…


Put the Monday morning calls on your calendar if you haven’t already:
10am – 12pm Mondays until January 12, 2015

Exceptions: November 24th, December 22nd, and we’ll see about December 29th.

(Optional) Park a session or two later in the week for doing the lessons.

(Optional) Bookmark the login page to your Bookmark Toolbar for easy reference:


Click on and fill out this Qaire to help me understand where you are with your workflow.


Fill out 2 worksheets (Click here for Google Docs after you login to your Google (Gmail) account).

  1. Your Goal for this program.
    Take a pass at the Google doc called: Worksheet–Goals for program (not the PDF). Not sure how to get this doc to your Google Drive? No problem! I made a screencast video for you. It’s at the bottom of the page.

    My suggestion is that you take a pass at the Goals and then we can discuss in the Group Coach call on Monday. Once you have answers that you’re happy with, you can either leave it there OR, you can download the pretty PDF version and hand write your Goals and details on that.

  2. Pain Points
    This one is a Google Spreadsheet. Please do the first 2 columns. I want you to list all the pain points– things that give you grief in your flow, your schedule, even commitments or relationships. Consider that if something isn’t supporting you, it’s getting in your way.

    Then, what are the symptoms of these? What do they trigger for you? How are they affecting your life?


Introduce yourself to the group in Facebook. You should’ve received an invite. Please:

  • tell a little about yourself/your biz,
  • why you joined the Walk Tall Program, and
  • your favorite hot and cold beverages.


If you haven’t done a Google Hangout, give it a go with me on Friday any time between 12pm-3pm. Revised: Hmmm, it’s looking like I’ll email you a link to your regular email address and you’ll just have to login in to your Google account before clicking on the link.

Friday morning you’ll receive an invite to join a Hangout with me. Make sure you are logged into your Google (I.e. Gmail) account and then click through the invite following the prompts.

You *might* need to download the plugin which should be available here.

(Confusing? That’s why I’m open for office hours on Friday. =)

Phew! That seems like a lot! Really, I’m guessing only 45… 75 minutes tops.
One at time, one at a time…

See you on Monday!


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