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2010: the Year of the Natural Professional–You!

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Do you know how sometimes you just know that it’s the right time for something? It may have been fomenting and formulating for a while. And then at some point you just know, it’s time.

That’s how I feel about the Natural Professional. 2010 is the year to get out and groove!

It’s been popping up on the blog and in the Project Simplify newsletter for quite some time, now it’s time for synthesis and your contribution.

Specifically, I’m focusing on two projects:

1. The Book: a practical handbook for someone looking to reclaim their life and step into their best self (a.k.a. the Natural Professional)

2. The Online Program: likely to be a 6-week crash and inspiration course to get you revving on your journey


The online course is slated to launch in the late spring, but the book project—which I hope to make a community venture—kicks off in earnest in January. And I’m going to need your help!

Over the course of the year, I’ll focus on one subject (roughly, one chapter) per month. I’ll be sharing excerpts and supplemental materials, hosting topical chats and teleconferences…and most importantly, I’ll be looking to you, my fellow simplification-aspirers, to help me keep it real.

You’ll be encouraged to provide your stories, experiences, and/or thoughts on certain passages etc. If all goes well, I may even have a “reader’s contributions” section in the book. And there will be incentives (read: prizes) and other fun things to make sure the process is as enjoyable and rewarding as possible.

I have my point of view, but to truly help others, I’ll need as many perspectives as possible. I truly believe the “natural professional” idea can transform lives—and maybe even transform the world. But the idea is bigger than me. It’s as big as me plus you…plus you, plus you, plus you, and you, and you, and you over there—you get the idea!

The Natural Professional drumbeat will be sounding out on various locations around the web. We’re picking out the drapes and furnishings on places like Facebook, Twitter…we’ve got something called a “blog” in the works–we’re pulling out all the stops. 🙂

If you want to be the first of the first to hear the latest of the latest about upcoming NP doings, scroll up, put your digits in the widget on the left , and go on your merry way. We’ll let you know what’s next as soon as it’s ready. (replaced with “Specifics” link below)

Thank you!! from the bottom of my heart for joining me on this journey. GREAT things are sure to come from our adventure together.

Specifics on how to participate here.


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