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It’s Time to Kick Ass without Kicking Your Own Ass

Realize crazy-amazing success in more dimensions than you ever thought possible.

Is this you:

  • You have a skill, art or passion.
  • You turned it into a business.
  • You’ve got your core biz down.
  • It’s the managing that’s driving you nuts!

You’ve thought:
If only I had more time, I’d get caught up.
If only I had more money, I could delegate.
If only I had a partner who could share the dirty work…

However, you’re a solo flyer and the buck stops with you. You’re creative and resourceful but that detail-oriented busy work just ain’t your thing.

So your invoicing doesn’t get done regularly, deadlines slip by occasionally, and great opportunities slip into the bog of “maybe next time”.

Email is reaching avalanche status, your desk hasn’t seen the light of day since, well, forever, and the day never ends because you know there’s so much that isn’t getting done.

If you could only focus better, improve your time management skills, and get better organized—it’d be different.

But who wants to study that stuff? Ugh.

You don’t need another book or system.
What you need is help.
And support.
And to laugh about it.
And then get on with it.

If you’re still reading and thinking “Oh, my, Yes!” then you are so in the right place.

My gig is all about helping you become a natural professional. In other words:
kick ass (reveling in your full potential like nobody’s business)
without kicking your own ass (sacrificing yourself to the Gods of Chaos).

Of course you want the majority of your time to be spent on the core of your work, that’s how you provide the most benefit to your clients and Service to the world.

However, in order to do so sustainably and thus be able to help more people, you need a solid foundation. In order to grow, you need systems that grow with you.

Picture of Shawn

That's me, Shawn Tuttle

Here’s how I help people like you.

Understanding that your primary focus (rightly) should be on your core biz, I help you set up the systems that support your success.

The first focus is on your foundation. Some folks call these productivity skills, but from my experience, the only people who get excited reading about ToDo list best practices, email and time management, and info organizing are other geeky productivity types (yes, I’m one of them).

The natural professional program is different because it recognizes that you are your biggest source of your limitation. Yes, you need to improve your skills (we’ll dive into those geeky productivity skills mentioned in the last paragraph), but even more importantly, you need to get out of your own way (yes, I’ll help you do this, too. If the thought of personal growth causes you to snort milk out your nose, this is not the program for you).

My intention with this work is to help you realize your full potential, beginning with your foundational productivity skills in a group format (more support and more affordable) with as much levity as we can lather on that beastly productivity fiend. My goal isn’t to make it palatable, it’s to make it disappear.

In case you still aren’t sure why you should consider a kick ass group to begin your journey as a natural professional, do it because:
Your business needs it.
Your sanity will love it.
Your family will thank you.

It’s easier with help.
It’s more fun with someone else.
It’s cheaper in a group.

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The Natural Professional mini-manifesto
We, the Natural Professionals, are bringing human values back into the equation of our success. Work is easier because we are flowing rather than pushing and we act in line with our values.

We have greater economy of effort because we use intuition for guidance. We gain greater satisfaction because we’re making decisions based on respect for the whole.

“My daily life has much more room for fun, since you helped me simplify so many areas of my life. You have a gift for personalizing the process and making it happen so swiftly. It’s empowering!”
— Hilary Anderson
Nevada City, CA

“I have worked with Shawn Tuttle and Project Simplify in various capacities over the years. She is one of the wisest, most capable people I have had the pleasure of working with. I trust her to help grow my business, and her advice about living a simple, balanced life is invaluable. I am grateful to have her as a resource, and offer the highest recommendation I can give.”
— Kalia Rork
Prudential California Realty

“Shawn is savvy and quick-witted..”
— Max Schwanekamp

“You are an excellent presenter: warm, articulate, calming, and interactive with the audience. I admire your compassion along with your intellect and general good sense. These workshops will be of great benefit to many. Keep up the good work and I plan on telling as many people I can who would benefit!”
— Vanessa Smith
Nevada City, CA

“Shawn was clear and graceful—striking a good balance between teaching and supporting each of us. The group was interactive, thoughtful, and fun. All in all—a success!”
— P.M.
Nevada City, CA


I have full faith that you can create a work life that is more fun, more rewarding, and more successful than you can possibly imagine right now. My goal is to help you however I can with tools, education, strategy and just simple encouragement when you need it.

Here’s to creating a new way of working!

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Shawn Tuttle
Natural Professional

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