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What I want to revolutionize

I want to revolutionize work. Our attitude toward it. The things we do in the name of it.

I’m not talking about dull, ole work. Nor about the ToDo list and time management.

What I’m talking about is that work isn’t work when it:
digs deep,
reaches high, and
is a shining vehicle of Service.

Booya! That’s the work I’m talking about.

Juicy collaborations, meaty connections, and delicious creativity.

The kind that feeds your soul and amuses the bejeezus out of your most awesomest self.

I call it Authentic Success.

The kind that honors your values,
inspires greatness of spirit, and
leaves you feeling so rich, so fulfilled,

that your sigh of satisfaction is like the kind you usually hear in those movies…

Thanks for asking, Danielle.

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