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Discovering Your Authentic Success

Do you want success without struggle?

The next question might not be as easy to answer:
What does your ideal success look like?

Maybe you’ve seen good results in your work but feel like something is missing or that you’ve given up a little too much of yourself…

You wouldn’t be the first. We’ve been bombarded with our collective western culture’s insistence on bigger, better, badder, higher, more, more, more!

The old paradigm of success was all about fame and fortune. The problem here is that the journey is destructive to self and others, fraught with struggle, and ultimately disappointing in its emptiness.

The new paradigm of success, Authentic Success, is all about you as a whole person, honoring your health and well-being, providing Service to the world, getting satisfaction and fulfillment from your work, enjoying a sweet lifestyle and having a great time doing it. (Of course what this looks and feels like in your life is unique to you.)

Exploring your inner landscape of authentic success is incredibly powerful because it’s not just a goal to achieve. You will see positive repercussions in all aspects of your life: from decision-making to relationships to your planning process.

  • Live in alignment with your values.
  • Enjoy better health from having less stress.
  • Relish more time doing what you love.
  • Save time by making better decisions more easily.

Interested in checking it out for yourself?
It’s easy! The Natural Professional’s one-hour workshop called Discovering Your Authentic Success is right around the corner:

  • Wednesday, March 14th
  • 10 am PT
  • On the phone
  • Cost: 1 hour of your time (and no dollars!)

Why will this session be awesome?

It’s experiential. It’s logical. It’s intuitive. We’ll play with visualization and short writing bursts (or drawing if that’s your preference) to explore the ins and outs of your authentic success.

In this session you will:

  1. define your authentic version of success
  2. identify practices to support it
  3. identify threats that compromise it
  4. create a personalized plan to support more authentic success in your life

Challenging the status quo and the fiendish Should Gremlin, we’ll shine the light on self-limiting factors for some seriously satisfying ah-ha moments.

No matter what you do with the info after this workshop, simply diving into your space of authentic success will plant the seeds of future Goodness.

The details again are:

  • Wednesday, March 14th
  • 10 am PT
  • On the phone
  • Cost: 1 hour of your time (and no dollars!)

You’ll receive call-in details once you sign up.

A few words in the interests of transparency
I’d like to share with you the reasons for this workshop:

  1. I now have three one-on-one coaching spots available and the discovering your authentic success exercise is the first step for potential clients. (Rest easy, I’m all about zero-pressure sharing. I trust you’ll know if you want to begin a coaching relationship.)
  2. Introducing the concept of—and helping you connect with—your authentic success is my Service offering to the world. I truly believe that if everyone embodied their authentic success starting today,
    the world would radically change, and quickly.
  3. I want everyone to enjoy the fruits of this Goodness!

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