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Your Resonance + Business… can we go there??

On this lovely Sunday morning.Dancing
In an inspired writing session.
A road-block was come upon.
An obstacle that did not want me to pass.

Being a lover of freedom.
Resenting being told what to do.
I asked. Nay, I demanded.
“What’s in the way?”

The voice of Reason declared:
“You cannot talk about Resonance in the context of Business.”

I’m afraid to talk about “resonance”.
It’s SOOOO freaking woo-woo.
What the hell does it mean?
AND when I’m in biz mode, that’s that last thing I’m going to think about.

No one will go for it.
It’s stupid.
It’s ridiculous.
You’ll be discredited.
People will think you are nuts.

I see.
They don’t seem to go together…
Hunh. Stumped.

But, wait a minute.
They DO go together.
And if they do go together,
then there must be a way to talk about them.

So then. Let’s explore, shall we?
And with that,
I walked around the obstacle
As if it were merely a rock in the road.

The conversation is not complete.
But it is begun.
Right here.
Right now.
In this post.
A public place.

What do I know?
Your Soul’s blueprint and Touchstone Anchor
They’re a combo of qualities, feelings, becomings, desires
They make up a RESONANCE.

It is your guide.
Your place of healing.
The pool of clarity.
It makes up your Home.

We are going there.
We are there.


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