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[06] Maxima Kahn: Kindling your Creative Spark

Maxima-Kahn-sqMaxima Kahn is an accomplished Creative and “Ambassador of play.” Inviting wonder, curiosity, imagination, and cooperation, Max encourages us to venture beyond the ego to open channels of creativity.

In this episode, Maxima Kahn reveals her 3 P’s which are the key to inspiration and getting in the flow–inviting more moments of deep engagement where you lose track of time. She also talks about inviting more creativity into your life and being more productive and prioritizing what you truly love.

Max also talks with host Shawn Tuttle about:

  • what lights you up and learning to listen to yourself
  • sustaining an ongoing creative life in a healthy way
  • defying societal cravings (i.e., certain definitions of success)
  • promoting inspiration through understanding what keeps you going and what shuts you down

Max’s creative journey has been vast and deep:


  • Her writing has appeared in such publications as Westview, Eclipse, Borderlands, Rattlesnake Review, Hardpan, Leftview, Spillway, and elsewhere.
  • Writes poetry, fiction and essays and has finished her first novel.
  • Taught creative writing at the University of California, Davis Extension and in private classes and workshops.
  • Musician

  • Award-winning composer and an avant-garde violinist
  • Performed with such groups as the Relentless Compassion Orchestra, the Tiny Monsters, and Sawbones.
  • Dancer

  • Has performed across the U.S.
  • Coach & Teacher

  • Playshops for the Artist’s Way, Deep Play, Romancing the Muse, Riding the Dragon

Influenced by Julia Cameron’s work: The Artist’s Way, she leads people in exploring their beliefs and routines that can support or get in our way. She also teaches classes in making your dreams a reality, finding your passion, poetry, and creative writing based on a lifetime of exploring and working with her own creativity.


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