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Drugs, newness, caffeine and the pursuit of Creativity

One of the principles of personal energy management is to be aware of your patterns.

For example, I’ve observed strong patterns in myself that cycle like clock work—a monthly clock actually. Yes, the effects of estrogen and progesterone are significant in this girl’s life, thank you very much.

Seeing how they affect me, my work and my relationship, I’ve been known to lament that “I’m just a big sack of hormones!” and “I’m just a hormone factory—someone should be paying me rent!”

And then.

Last weekend I was driving southbound on Highway 5—somewhere in the Southern Oregon/Northern California region when I suddenly had cause to celebrate my skills as a high-producing hormone factory.

I was listening to Todd Henry’s Accidental Creative podcast. The episode was with Steven Kotler who was talking about the neuro-chemical environment in your body during the creative process.

The subject pretty much explained to a T why I enjoy a good creative session and why I uprooted my life to embrace a more transitory lifestyle.

Turns out that the hormones released during the creative experience are the same triggered by speed, cocaine and marijuana. In other words, it’s a natural high.

No wonder I enjoy it so much and have been known to say, “if I don’t drop into the creative state for several days, I get tweaky.” (I actually used the word “tweaky” and was concerned that someone hearing me might think I was talking about taking drugs. Little did I know.)
Shawn-Tuttle-energy-management-articleAlso discussed in the podcast was one of the early stages in the cycle of creativity, namely, gathering new info—being exposed to new ideas, information, situations. The act of creativity, I learned, is in large part the act of creating connections between new and old information.

By going location independent I unknowingly built newness and the stage of gathering new experiences into my life, which is critical for making new connections. (This stuff is fascinating!!!)

As a Creative, you know that creativity is about more than just gathering new info and getting new synapse patterns in your brain firing. It might be a way of learning about yourself, figuring out how to better Serve others, or even represent a lifestyle choice.

How do you get to enjoy more creative time?? Well, some of our modern day biggies–besides scheduling it in–include: getting out of your own way, giving yourself permission to spend time creating instead of “working,” and inviting more play into your life.

It just so happens that the most recent episode of my Authentic Success podcast is available and… it’s all about creativity!

AS-heart-144I talk with Maxima Kahn—the Ambassador of Play—who reveals her 3 P’s which are key to inspiration and getting in the flow. She shares valuable insight into creativity, from how to invite more creativity into your life to being more productive and prioritizing what you truly love. Get ready for more of those moments of deep engagement where you lose track of time…

And lest your little worker-bee brain jump up and try to convince you that a good creative session is hedonistic and irresponsible, not to mention contributing to drug addiction, dang it—allow me to remind you that bringing more of You and your unique perspective to your work is exactly the ingredient needed to stand out from the busy crowd in your industry.

In other words, don’t you want to experience more success doing what you love to do?

Invite more creativity and play into your life by listening to the latest Authentic Success podcast episode with Max Kahn.


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