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[07] Raising your energy: stop the drains first

Pea-Wants-OutHave you checked a lot of things off your ToDo list, but your guilt and frustration levels are in the red zone because you’re not getting around to your Creative Work?

In this episode of the Authentic Success podcast, it’s just me and you, my friends.

I introduce the idea of Energy Management and explain one crucial component: Energy Drains. If you’ve ever been at the end of your day wondering why you never made it to your Creative Space, which results in a deposit to the Bank of Guilty Frustrations, then this episode is for you.

This isn’t about how you manage your time throughout the day, instead we’re going to look at the various things that can drain our energy (our most valuable resource, I might add). There’s nothing more frustrating than having a spare hour and then squandering it because inspiration and motivation have scampered away while you daydream about napping or lattes.

Wherever you are on the spectrum between Crises Management and your Creative Flow, stopping energy drains will get your focus back on track. Maybe addressing the drains will lead to big, life-changing events, and maybe they lead to subtle shifts that only you notice.

In any case, it’s a process–one which begins with identifying what’s getting in your way so that you can reclaim your energy for your awesome Important Work, which is what you love and the world needs most!



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Photo credit: the pea wants out by Kai Schreiber


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