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[14] Jake Jorgovan: helping creatives realize their potential

Jake Jorgovan - Outbound CreativeJake Jorgovan helps his clients make money in extremely creative ways. His approach is of the outbound marketing camp and is very personal and you might even say quirky. If you thought that old school tape player was just a relic, think again. That ‘ancient’ piece of machinery could land you your next big client.

In this episode we discuss:

  • creating demand in a freelance economy and this helps you set higher rates
  • traffic vs. values and other challenges of being committed to authenticity in business
  • the single practice that influences his daily rhythm and serves as a tool for talking thru big decisions with himself
  • pruning and other practices that support him in moving toward his desired direction in life

He also shares which influential book inspired him to make his bucket list desire to live in another country happen now instead of some time in the indeterminate future.

I first ran across Jake’s work through Todd Henry’s community and was immediately hooked. He has a great ebook called The Focused Creator that is so complimentary to the Natural Professional approach that I knew I wanted him as a guest asap.

The more I’ve learned, the more I dig his work. His outbound is approach so refreshing. Being one who hates waste, I love this uber-strategic approach that results in focused action for direct impact.




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