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[13] The Big Decision Protocol

BDP-300x300To bike through southern France or not to bike through southern France, that is one tough decision for this wanderlust-chica to make! Someone else doing the planning, award points in the mileage account… it’s a no-brainer, right?

In this shorty episode, I share my process for making significant decisions. I call it my Big Decision Protocol. This is a simplified version of the process–the full version will be in the Natural Professional Handbook that I’m working on.

While researching, talking with people, listing pros & cons is important and gives your head plenty of data to work with, the best final decisions come through mindful connection with your Wise Self.

You’ll learn

  • my four step process for making Big Decisions
  • which step most people leave out when trying to follow their intuition (hint: it’s step #4)

This was a spontaneous episode recorded over the fourth of July weekend. After being immersed in a family emergency for a week, and then in family vaykay mode for another week, I’d been putting off making a final decision. This meant that my friend was waiting ever-so-patiently for a response.

Feelings of unease began to settle in as I left my friend in limbo and had this decision hanging over me. These kinds of feelings are a huge signifier that I need to reach for my energy management toolkit.

Finally one morning, before anyone else was up, I knew what needed to happen–I remembered that I have the tools to resolve this. I took pen and paper and sat by the lake. The result of that session was to confidently settle on a decision.

Then there was the major bonus of documenting the process and recording this episode right then and there! Now that’s some natural productivity kicking in!



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