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Busting out of the puritanical work ethic bulls**t plus A Very Big Announcement

Prada LuggageIf you thought getting 50 Ways to Kick Ass Without Kicking Your Own Ass on Amazon was my big news for the year, get ready for the whopper.

I’ve been wanting to tell you about this for a few weeks now—but as it keeps evolving, I keep revising.

Enough! It’s time to spit it out and then keep you posted on what happens.

Change. Big Change on the horizon—well, February to be precise. The kind of Change that keeps my mom awake at night (sorry, mom!)

Think: rent out house for a year.
Think: one-way ticket to Mexico.
Think: anything is possible.

Following the desire to hit the reset button…
To explore.
To discover.
To learn.

Both externally: explore other places, 
discover cool stuff I have no idea exists, 
learn spanish.

And internally: explore my Soul’s desires, 
discover what I’ve been afraid to look at,
learn how to live bigger.

Following many sparks

There are so many sparks that got this idea rolling—but listing them all is not what this post is about. Instead, I’ll highlight one spark, a spark that was in the form of a question.

A month ago, I was listening to a podcast—The Accidental Creative with Todd Henry—and he asked:

Is your life structured in such a way as to support your Soul Work?  (He didn’t phrase it quite like that, but that was the question I wanted to answer.)

When I looked at my commitments, my schedule, how much time I spend writing and creating I had to be honest. The answer was “No.” (Optional: see below for reenacted conversation following this No-answer regarding How I might proceed.)

Ok, ok, of course we can’t all go galavanting about and being heathens all the time, I know, I know.

That Heathen Argument is bullshit

But here’s the thing. That Heathen Argument is bullshit (just like the title says).

It’s steeped in that ridiculous puritanical work ethic that will Never Ever justify relaxation, enjoyment, or having fun.

I’ve allowed that argument to keep me in a certain pattern that results in about an hour of soul-based work per day. In case it needs to be said, This Is Ridiculous. My soul-based work is Why I Walk This Earth.

Leg RoomierThe rest of my day is taken up by various responsibilities and commitments—most of which are good.

But you know what, I’m ready for Great. I’m ready for Fantastic. I’m ready for a life that busts my heart wide open and has plenty of space for my wings to stretch out and Fly—and they’ve been cramped to my sides for quite a while now…

Could I make changes without turning my life upside down? Call this a time management issue? Maybe. BUT WHY? Why splash into a puddle when you can dive into the ocean?

Another thing about that Heathen Argument bull-crap-ola. It’s based on the assumption that, given free rein, you’ll make stupid decisions.

I know myself now.

I know that “heathen” is just not something I do. Given free reign, my Soul gets to come out and play even more. And just like yours, my Soul is Wise, Compassionate, desiring of connection, i.e. it’s not likely to lead me toward being an asshole.

My Soul desires to leave the world a better place than I found it; to help as many people as possible live more aligned with their own Soul’s desires; to cut through the abundance of crap in the world and pare down to what’s important, i.e. to simplify.

For me, the Heathen Argument is nothing short of Fear in disguise.

Which brings us back to the Big Announcement. I’m going on the road. Maybe for three months, maybe a year, maybe more.

Sally forth and prosper!

My intention is to:

  • explore ever more deeply what it means to listen to my Heart and Soul.
  • remove everything from my life that does not support my life as a joyful being.
  • birth the Natural Professional Program.
  • explore the rich world of co-working and innovative collaborations.
  • meet people.
  • learn to speak Spanish. Heck, why not?

Interjet Plane leaving From CancunI’ll begin in Mexico, in San Miguel de Allende for a writing and meditation retreat at the Shambala Meditation Center with Susan Piver.

And then… as the Italians say, “chissà” meaning, “who knows?”

Except I’m not going to Italy, I’m going to Mexico and probably Central America. Anyways… Like I said at the beginning, my understanding of what this could be and where this might head evolves daily.

Now then.

Your turn.

If you are willing.
If you dare.
If you have an inkling to do so…

Consider embarking upon a journey to listen to your own Wise-Self.

Hint: this is not a 3-minute, or even 3-hour exercise. It’s a journey that you can embark upon in the comfort of your current life. You do not, I repeat: do not, have to rent out your house and buy a one-way ticket to Mexico. (But give me a call if you do, eh?)

The two primary questions to get you on your way being:

  1. What does your most awesome Soul expression feel like?
  2. Are your thoughts, activities, goals and commitments aligned to support this feeling?
  3. (If you are interested in some serious exploration of your Soul’s Core Desires, and turning goal setting on its head, check out Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Map. (I’m digging it so much, this is an affiliate link.)

    That’s pretty much what I have for you right now. I’m taking suggestions for awesome places and great peoples to meet in Mexico and Central America. Frequent flyer miles would be welcome, too. Just saying.

    Until soon,


    Optional and additional material

    Reenacted conversation between my Wise-Self and me.

    When I really started digging into the question, “How can my life be structured to support my Soul Work,” my Wise-Self chimed in:

    W-S: “Do you really want to go there, Dear?”

    Me: “Yes. How can I be encouraging others to Listen deeply and do their heart-based work if I’m not doing it 100%?”

    W-S: “That reason is for other people. Answer for yourself. Are you ready to listen? Because me-thinks you are ready to hear it.”

    Me: “Hear what?”

    W-S: “Can you sense that hint of Big Space? Where your greatest potential thrives? Where vibrancy and joy is like the air you breathe?”

    Me: “Yes! That’s what I want more of!”

    W-S: “That’s a glimmer, and I’m mean the tiniest sliver of a glimmer, of a Whole New World, Dear.”

    Me: “How do I get there? What do I do? What do I need to change?”

    W-S: “Time to let go of the reins. All this work of meditation and seeking Silence has been in preparation for you to stay in your heart.*”

    Me: “Hmmm, it’d be kinda cool to explore this out on the road…”

    W-S: “Why not? The only one stopping you is yourself.”

    Me: “You mean I can just go?”

    W-S: “Write down every reason you can possibly think of that could keep you from traveling extensively. And then tell me if any of them justify your staying.”

    (As you are reading this post, you’ll know that none of those reasons were big enough to say no.)

    * Martha Beck articulates this space of “Wordlessness” beautifully in her book: Finding Your Way in a Wild New World.

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