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My Birthday Wish For You

Birthday CakeEetz my birthday!

It’s the first day of the rest of my life. The First Year of the New Way, My New Way of Working, My New WOW.

Indeed it’s been building up lately. I’ve noticed less pushing. Less demanding in the wee hours. More awareness of staying in a healthy place.

And… still finding the right amount of commitment to go along with the right flow. Too little and I get tweaky, too much and I get heady. A lovely path in between is what I seek, thank you very much.

And the big news, the gift from the Universe, from my Soul, to this rocky pathed life o’mine… an understanding of my role.

Sure I’m CEO of Natural Professional and Project Simplify… I’d tried calling myself a Simplifier and while that is true, ’tis not the Role that places me contextually with others.

Nope, I’m a Content Creator. A simple title. It sounds like such a, well… “Duh” Moment.

But here it is, a statement to the world, to myself. To remind my future self that the pivotal moment occurred this weekend at the completely-adored birthday Hot Springs trip.

While looking to release everything and relax, still, I found myself asking at the beginning of the soaking day, “It is the beginning of a new year. What’s your intention for this weekend, Dear?”

And how did I respond? What did I ask? To anchor in my Self. To know who I am and what I’m doing so thoroughly, that should ever I stray (and ’tis inevitable!) homecoming will be swift and fairly uneventful.

No Big Weekends or Big Realizations will be required to bring me back. No major journeys and weird little lessons/reminders to get me back. No.

Instead, through the daily practice, I will remember. I will experience what it is, this purpose, this journey, this life. And do so through being, joyfully, a Content Creator.

Mostly of works pertaining to Simplifying—both for personal growth and productivity—but not exclusively. Anything that comes from this sacred place of creation.

I get to be a Creator. Oh Joy!

What I had inherently believed to be the “icing on the cake” and the “if you still have time after the real work” turns out to be the main course. Who knew?

What a life of self-deprivation I’d been living. Good Gawd. Absurdity. This perception of what work in this world is supposed to look like, feel like.

And the only, and I mean ONLY place to get and grant acceptance is within. In other words, this has everything to do with my relationship with myself.

And, thus, your relationship with yourself. And why would you be so withholding from yourself?

I’d been running on the strategy of “Save the good stuff for a special occasion!” Do you live on this belief?

I call Bullshit. It’s a recipe for Life Disaster.

Use your best China for your breakfast burrito. Wear your favorite shirt to the cafe for your morning coffee. Put the entire avocado on your toast on top of a liberal spreading of butter.

Practice the guitar before work (not after). Go to your favorite restaurant on a Wednesday night (not just on your birthday).

Write what you want to write. Sing what your heart moves you to sing. Don’t do what you’re Supposed To Do if you don’t LOVE it. Whatever it is…

What do you need permission to do?

Because NOW is an incredibly precious special occasion.
YOU are the special occasion.
YOUR Life is the special occasion.

Later doesn’t really exist so F— It. Do it now and love every sweet second of it.

Tomorrow is the day you get to do it again, so make sure whatever you’re doing is worth repeating.

That is my Birthday Wish for you.


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Photo credit: Birthday Cake by chidorian

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