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DIY Retreat Guest: Betsy Talbot

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Betsy TalbotDo you know what two of the most impactful skills to hone for your biz and life are? Making decisions and taking action. Of course you knew that. It’s essential to our work as creative entrepreneurs. And wow, can it be challenging!

This is why I am so thrilled to share this interview with Betsy. In our conversation, she shares the strategies she uses to bring ease and confidence into the decision-making and action-taking processes. And we’re talking high-stakes decisions here: leaving her job, getting rid of almost everything she owns, setting out to become a long-term world traveler and then reinventing her career as a successful writer.

You may be surprised to learn how key a role Vision and Identity play…

How did she do it? Listen in to find out! I will tell you this much — her methods go way beyond conventional goal setting, and are completely accessible. Perfection and unshakable confidence not required, just curiosity and a readiness to let go.

Betsy shares…

  • Her process for confident decision-making in life and biz. (I love it!)
  • How to work with your vision to create motivation and mojo – and much more than you’ve been getting from your to-do list.
  • How to learn from successful people in your field and apply it in a way that’s true to yourself.
  • Real-world strategies for navigating fear, self-doubt, and the gap between your need to make money and your desire for meaning and impact (this is where integrating your brain and heart in biz becomes super tangible).
  • What powerful first step you can begin taking today, even when your vision is still taking shape.


About Betsy Talbot

Betsy Talbot is a world traveler and recognized expert on the subject of uncluttering your life to make room for opportunity. What’s most interesting about her and her husband Warren (besides his rockstar hair or Betsy’s infectious laugh), is not that they traveled the world or even that they now live in Spain and make a living from their books. What makes them worth following is that they share all the hacks, workarounds, and shortcuts they’ve learned since 2006 in creating an uncluttered life rich in experience, no matter where you live. Find out more at

Listen in DIY Retreat

This conversation is featured in the New WoW DIY Retreat: Calm, Clear, Confident.



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