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DIY Retreat Guest: Margaret Nichols

DIY Summit

spiritual teacher + founder, Urban Oneness

Margaret NicholsGoing off the grid for five days.

Changing your agenda when you feel like it.

Making self-care your top priority.

If any or all of these sound impossible to you, please tune in to this conversation with Margaret Nichols asap. Not only does she show that it’s been completely possible to build a phenomenal business while allowing herself to listen within, it is essential in creating the space and energy for those 16-hour days of her deep, illuminating, powerful work.

How do you get to that place of confident work-life-integration? Margaret’s insights into her journey will give you clear and actionable guidance for your own. Hint: they aren’t all sunny, “positive” tips. She’s not afraid to be with the S*** that comes up, and she talks about why it’s important for you to do the same. Think: mindfulness with the edge of NYC real life.

Margaret shares…

  • Her approach to unpacking unconscious beliefs that keep tripping us up. (Way more specific and real than the standard “change your thinking” advice).
  • Strategies for accommodating recovery periods that prevents burn out.
  • The habits and mindset that get you through irritations without drama.
  • Ways to find support in unraveling the old conditioning of always doing more
  • A close look at how she has structured her biz to support her energy cycles.


About Margaret Nichols

Founder of Urban Oneness. NYC Oneness Maven + internationally recognized leader. Creator of the Mystic Mastermind + Bliss. Here. Now. Author, speaker, spiritual teacher. Awakening evolution in business + life. Next up in 2016: DIVINE FEMME: creating the new paradigm of women’s leadership from the inside out.

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Listen in the DIY Retreat

This conversation is featured in the New WoW DIY Retreat: Calm, Clear, Confident.



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